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Information & History

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Terrier Dogs


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Black Russian Terriers also called Russian Bear Schnauzers
Tippy & Alfred

The Black Russian Terrier, also known as the Russian Bear
Schnauzer, is a slightly more than middle-sized dog that is
fairly rare. They are robust and strong with a good nervous
system. They give the impression of being large, powerful,
alert and stable. They have a long powerfully built head
that is block-shaped with a broad skull.

The eyes are almond-shaped and medium-sized. They are dark
and set apart and the rims should be black. The ears are set
high triangular shaped, pendular and rounded at the apex.
Cropped ears are not allowed. The ear length when pulled
forward should meet corner of the eyelids.

The mustache and beard on the face of the dog square off the
muzzle, giving the Black Russian Terrier the impression of
having a brick for a head. The stop shouldn't be pronounced
but should be well defined. This breed has a large nose that
is all black in color.

The lips have black ridges and are round and full. The jaws
of the dog are powerful and large. If the mouth isn't meaty
it is looked upon as a major fault in the dog when being
shown. The teeth should come together in a scissors bite.

The entire dog should give the impression of being muscular
and powerful. The neck is thick and muscular. The body
length and height should be directly proportionate making
the dog look like a square. The top line should be level but
on straight or flat. The croup should lightly descend to the
high set cropped tail. The legs need to be straight and
parallel to each other.

Black Russian Terriers have large round feet and muscular
shoulders and the entire body is well covered with a two to
four inch long coat of coarse hair. They have a springy gait
that is a characteristic of the breed.

The coat is coarse and can be stripped if the owner wants it
done. The standard cut for this breed is to trim the entire
body but leave the mustache and beard alone. They are all
black in color and have some white hairs mixed in. Any other
colorings or markings will disqualify the dog.

Black Russian Terriers as Pets.

Once they are fully mature at two years old Black Russian
Terriers usually develop a strong protective instinct for
their families and are a bit wary or distant with strangers,
but they are normally fine with other dogs, small animals
and children if they are well socialized as puppies.


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