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An Explanation

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Black Cats
Myths and Superstitions about Black Cats

By: Alfred

Black cats have garnered a wide variety of superstitions
about their appearance. They are unique among animals in
that respect. Throughout history superstitions and myths
about black cats have prevailed.

For example, many people believe that it is a sign of bad
luck coming your way if a black cat crosses your path. But
humorously, although many people believe that this
occurrence is bad, some believe it is actually a good thing
and brings good luck. It just depends on where you are from.

There are many different beliefs and myths associated with
the black cat in different countries, for instance:

United States: Bad luck when a black cat crosses your path.

United Kingdom: Good luck when a black cat crosses your

Japan: Good luck when a black cat crosses your path.

Germany: When a black cat crosses your path from right to
left means bad luck is coming your way. When a black cat
crosses from left to right it means good luck is coming your

Italy: If a black cat sits on the bed of a sick person,
death will shortly follow.

China: A black cat symbolizes famine and poverty to come.

Latvia: If black kittens are found in the silo they believe
that they will have a good harvest courtesy of a spirit
called Rungis.

Scotland: A black cat sitting on your porch means that
riches will be coming to you.

Ireland: If a black cat crosses your path in the moonlight,
it means there is going to be an epidemic of sickness.

Romania: Bad luck when a black cat crosses your path.

India: Bad luck when a black cat crosses your path.

Czech Republic: Bad luck when a black cat crosses your path.

Many people believe that if you cross the path of a black
cat that means that you are inviting the very worst of luck
upon yourself.

For a long time during the Middle Ages it was believed in
Europe that the black cat was a witch's familiar or the
witch herself transformed into a cat and therefore up to no
good. This superstition was one of the things that lead to
witch hunts in which both a lot of innocent people and cats
were killed. There seems to be an instance of karma
happening in this case because once the people killed all
the cats the Black Death struck them and spread rapidly
because it was carried by the rat flea and they had killed
the natural predators of the rat.

In many parts of the world a black cat coming toward you
means that good luck is certainly coming your way, but if it
turns away fair fortune is not to be yours.

Some people believe that if you find a white hair on a black
cat and if you can pull it out without getting scratched it
means that you will have a long, happy, prosperous marriage.

If you chase a black cat out of your house then good luck
will never reside there.

Fishermen's wives in Europe use to keep black cats,
believing that by keeping the cat the fisherman/husband
would be kept safe when out to sea.

Unfortunately, malicious people have used the excuse of a
myth or superstition to harm cats. Happily, in recent times
more people believe that there is never any excuse to harm
to a living being unless they are threatening your life or
you intend to eat them.

One of the most famous Black Cats
who really is a witch (well, warlock)

Salem Saberhagen

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