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How to Keep a Border Collie Happy
By: Tippy

If you intend to own a Border Collie understand that the dog
will expect you to spend all of your time and then some with
it playing, exercising, training and working. This dog will
adoringly work you to death if you let it.

This dog will never be happy being left alone in the yard or
house all day. If you want a dog that will be available to
you only when you want it to be then you should choose a
different dog breed. This dog is very intelligent and when
found at loose ends it will find an activity to do that you
may not want them to do.

If a Border Collie is ignored or bored it can become quite
destructive. This breed can never be left alone inside for
long periods as they become neurotic and when this happens
often they can develop many behavioral problems. They are
also the Houdini dog and are great escape artists.

This dog is a herding dog so it may try to herd your
children or strangers that come over to your house. This
behavior should be discouraged and you may have to train the
dog not to do it.

This dog breed should only be taken in by an owner that is
experienced with dogs and has plenty of time and then some
to spend with the dog. Adolescent Border Collies go through
a phase of challenging their master's authority and this
will have to be consistently, firmly and patiently dealt
with every time it happens.

This dog needs an owner that is a consistent natural leader
who is firm and patient. Otherwise the dog will try to take
over. If this is allowed to occur they can become highly
neurotic, reactive and sensitive to sounds.

This dog breed isn't a family dog and doesn't usually do
well around small children. This is not a dog for
beginners. But with consistent leadership, exercise and
attention this dog can be a wonderful companion dog.

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