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Plush Stuffed

Border Collie you

will Fall in Love with

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Who can Resist this Cute as can be
Stuffed Plush Border Collie? So Adorably Charming she
will melt your heart like hot butter on fresh pop corn.

16 inches long and with a Heart of Gold

We think it would be a great idea to make
a toast to this Wonderful Stuffed Plush
Border Collie dog. Without a doubt this stuffed
dog is one of the Finest we've seen in a long time.

This Stuffed Border Collie just might be the
"Hit of the Century" when it comes to Warming
your Heart with Love and Tenderness.

Beautifully detailed soft plush Border Collie
in the size of a real puppy. Makes Excellent Gift Items!

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Is the Border Collie the right breed for you?

The Border Collie is a dog that is extremely intelligent and
very responsive. The dog excels at agility, flying disk and
obedience trials. They are very trainable dogs that thrive
on praise and are sensitive to their owners.

Agility is the sport of choice for this dog breed, as their
high energy and intelligence makes them a natural for the
competitions. Border Collies were bred for and are known for
their energy and stamina.

The Border Collie is a working dog in the Herding category
so they are bred to keep livestock in line and solve
problems on the farm. In order for this dog to be
comfortable around other dogs and children they will have to
have plenty of exercise. This breed needs daily mental and
physical challenges in order to thrive.

Border Collies can be aggressive with other dogs of the same
gender. It is important that the owner of this dog breed be a
leader at all times. These dogs shouldn't be fully trusted
around small pets due to their chasing instincts, but if
they grow up with cats they seem to get along fine with

This breed needs to be very well socialized from puppyhood
in order to prevent shyness. They are at their best when
they are getting a lot of exercise and attention. They
thrive when they have a job to do. If you are interested in
Agility competition or other competitions then this dog
would love to do them with you.

Farmers are very happy to have a Border Collie as they can
be trusted to do their job and even problem solve for
themselves when minor situations come up. They love to
please their masters. Dogs of this breed have won many
different competitions including: agility, obedience and
sheepdog trials.

Border Collies are perfectionists when it comes to a task
they are performing for their owners. These dogs literally
lives to serve you. This trait can become tiring to someone
who doesn't have the time or energy to keep up with this

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