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Briard Dog Food

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The Briard - Hard Working Dog with the Long Hair

The Briard is a herding dog with slightly wavy coarse hair
that is six inches (fifteen centimeters) or more long. The
coat can come in colors of black, gray and tawny. Often the
puppy is born lighter and then gets darker when it matures.

The hallmark of this breed is the shaggy beard, eyebrows and
mustache that hangs down in front of its face. The ears can
be left natural or cropped into a rounded shape. These dogs
are agile, with an elegant gait and feathered tail streaming
along behind them.

Briards are large, muscular hard working farm dogs that live
to herd everything. They have wonderful hearing and have a
very strong protective instinct, while being kind. They are
obedient, playful and sensitive. They have a definite
independent streak and are brave, fearless and loyal to a

Briards have a tendency to take the initiative and are
intelligent, with fine memories. They are eager to please
their masters and easy to train because of their
intelligence and memory. However, this breed is a challenge
to raise and train as they are very demanding breed. This
breed if not trained properly with consistency, patience and
practice will end up fearful, extremely unfriendly and

They need to be socialized well with other animals and
children if they are to be a part of the family and not just
a working dog. This dog breed really needs to be matched
with a good owner that knows about the breed and can handle
and train them correctly; otherwise it can wreck the dog.

In general this breed is healthy; however some lines are
prone to cataracts, hip dysplasia and PRA. They can
experience bloat and stomach torsion because this is a
breed with a large chest. The condition can come on fast and is
often fatal if left untreated.

The Briard is moderately active indoors and can live in an
apartment if given enough exercise. They do best in a home
with an average sized yard. They are not kennel dogs as they
want to be a part of their "pack" at all times.

They really enjoy being outdoors. A Briard should be taken
on a long daily walk and given some playtime and basic
exercise time. This breed likes to swim and will even make a
great jogging companion.

Picture of Briard

The Briard wants you to Give Him Top Quality Food
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

A big dog with long hair, the Briard is work, but
is worth it.

An alternative professional food and frequent grooming
are musts.

Briad Dog Food Here

Take care to prevent bloat.
How to Prevent Bloat

Healthy heart supplements (taurine and L-carnitine)
are necessary.

Antioxidants should be started at age 2.

Treats for Briards Here

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