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Brittany Spaniel

Nutrition Needs


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What Brittany Spaniels Needs for Nutrition and Care
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

The Brittany Spaniel has a desire to please, excellent sense
of smell, and easy to care for coat. Brittany's are the spaniel
of choice for many.

Exercise, portion controlled free feeding during the day,
a hollow bone with peanut butter packed in the middle
and raw vegetables as treats is the way to go for city dogs.

Here's what's the Best Dog Food for your Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel Dog Food Here

Weekend country play can be rewarded with 1/4 cooked liver mixed
with his food.

Don't forget daily brushing and antioxidant treats!

See my recommendation for an Delectable Antioxidant
Treat Your Brittany Spaniel will love

Treats for Brittany Spaniels

Brittany Spaniel Dog

The Brittany Spaniel is a medium-sized dog with a tightly
knit body. It is fairly short, hearty and leggy with a
lightly feathered single coat. They are very active and
agile with an intelligent-looking face. The coat color will
determine whether the dog has amber or hazel eye color.

Brittany Spaniels have a rounded skull with a slightly ram-
shaped, straight medium length muzzle. The nose is somewhat
dark and the color mainly depends on the coat color. The
ears are high set and triangular shaped with a slight fringe
that hangs close to the head.

The tail may be docked or is naturally short. The coat can
come in colors of Black and White, Black Tricolor, Liver
Tri-color, Liver and White and Orange and White in either a
clear or roam pattern, with some ticking. Canada (CKC) and
The USA (AKC) do not recognize Black; all other countries
worldwide do accept all colors and follow the FCI standard
of the Breed.

The Brittany Spaniel is a dog breed that is easy to handle
and train for hunting. The dog is an intelligent, gentle and
loving animal that obeys and is eager to please its master.
They are alert and happy creatures and active and
enthusiastic hunters. They are independent and free thinking
as well as being affectionate.

Brittanys are easy to care for and good natured. This breed
needs plenty of exercise or they can become unstable and
hyperactive with pent up energy. Your Brittany needs a long
daily walk and to be made to heel beside the owner. The walk
and the heeling help to fulfill its instincts and keep the
dog centered and secure. They need a consistent, calm,
patient, confident owner that sticks to rules and doesn't
make exceptions.

These dogs can become nervous and timid if not given enough
mental and physical exercise. The pups need to be socialized
as early as possible. Brittanys will roam; they are hunters,
so they should never be left off the leash in insecure
areas. They are good with children if raised from puppyhood
with them and are adaptable all weather dogs that will hunt
for a long time happily.

They are great flushers and water retrievers. They are also
small enough that they can be easily transported from one
hunting ground to another. They are also popular companion
dogs because of their jovial nature.

This breed needs acreage and does not make good apartment
living dogs. They are very active, whether indoors and out.
Brittany Spaniels are sometimes genetically vulnerable to
canine hip dysplasia and seizures but other than that are generally
healthy. They live for ten to twelve years on average.

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