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Brussels Griffon

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Brussels Griffon - Rough-Coated and Smooth-Coated
or Petit Brabancon

By: Tippy

The Brussels Griffon is a toy dog that is proportionately
square and sturdy. They have a domed head, lustrous eyes,
undershot jaw and a very short nose. The ears are usually
cropped. In comparison with the body the head is large. When
a Brussels Griffon pouts it gives the dog an almost human
expression. Some people think this breed looks like a
miniature Boxer.

There are two coat types for the Brussels Griffon: the
Rough-Coated, which has dense harsh wiry hair, and the
Smooth-Coated or Petit Brabancon variety that has glossy,
short straight hair. The Smooth-Coated variety needs less
grooming than the Rough-Coated. Griffon's coats can come in
colors of black, black and tan, red, red-brown mix and solid
black. The tail is carried high and docked.

The Griffon, which is their pet name, is a cheerful,
intelligent little dog that has a terrier-like disposition.
They have loads of personality and make great companion
dogs. They can be very affectionate, charming, curious,
loving dogs that enjoy everyone's company. They are not dogs
that are happy living in kennels; they want to be around
their family all the time.

Because they are small dogs they may be difficult to
housebreak. You shouldn't feed this dog table scraps because
they become picky eaters and gluttonous. This breed is prone
to small dog syndrome because humans have a tendency to
spoil them as they look so human in the face. This can make
the dog have bad behaviors like biting, demanding, guarding,
obsessive barking, separation anxiety, snapping and

Griffins make great watchdogs and can be taught tricks to
perform. But they must have an owner that treats them like a
dog and not like a human. Spoiling a dog occasionally is
fine, but all the time and they begin to believe that they
are the special ones and leaders of the family. This
thinking leads to bad behaviors that are not a natural part
of the characteristics of this breed.

Typically a Brussels Griffon reaches between seven and eight
inches in height and weighs between six and twelve pounds.
They can live between twelve and fifteen years and have
an average litter size of around two puppies. This breed may
have difficulty whelping because of the large heads and most
often puppies are born by Cesarean section. Some of the dogs
are prone to eyes and respiratory problems as well as
slipped stifle.

This dog is happy in any living conditions so long as they
are with their people. They need a long daily walk to take
care of their needs both psychologically and physically.
They are active dogs indoors. The Rough-Coated variety needs
special grooming and should be professionally clipped. This
breed sheds very little.

Brussels Griffon Dog

Special Considerations for the Brussels Griffon
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

The Brussels Griffon is a bundle of personality. This
dog needs love first, then a balanced diet.

The addition of a vegetable enzyme will help keep 
his skin and smooth or rough coat healthy.

Brewer's yeast and garlic make the perfect treat,
adding the protein building blocks necessary for this
well muscled dog.

Here's a First Class Dining
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