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Depending upon the Bulldog breed you have chosen, to care
for your Bulldog you may end running around a lot or not at
all. English Bulldogs are much smaller and slower than
American Bulldogs. All Bulldogs, however, need to be taken
on a daily walk to take care of their physical and
psychological needs.

Even an English Bulldog that is fit can move swiftly for
short periods, gut do not overwork the English Bulldog
because this breed as they often have trouble breathing
because of their shortened muzzle.

Bulldogs have a fine, short-haired, smooth coat that is very
easy to groom. You can use a comb or a firm bristle brush to
groom them. You should give your Bulldog a bath only when
necessary. Wipe the face of the English Bulldog regularly
with a damp cloth, especially in between the wrinkles and
around the eyes. These dogs shed averagely.

The average English Bulldog can reach twelve to sixteen
inches (thirty to forty-one centimeters) in height and weigh
between forty-nine and fifty-five pounds (twenty-two to
twenty-five kilograms). Females are a little smaller than
males. These measurements are based on healthy averages for
this breed.

The American Bulldog is quite a bit taller. The male can be
between twenty-two to twenty-eight inches (fifty-six to
seventy-one centimeters) in height and weigh between seventy
to one hundred and twenty pounds (thirty-one to fifty-five
kilograms). Females are somewhat smaller. This is based on
healthy averages for this breed.

On average the English Bulldog will live eight years. Some
live even shorter lives than that. They can have a litter of
four to five puppies, and usually because of the large head
of this breed the puppies will have to be birthed by C-

The American Bulldog lives twice as long at up to sixteen
years. They have an average litter of eleven puppies and
have no special needs for birthing.

Bulldogs do fine living in an apartment provided they get
enough exercise. They are an inactive breed indoors and do
enjoy having a yard to play in. English Bulldogs need to be
kept in temperate climates as they can't stand extreme heat
or cold.

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