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Feeding and Nutrition

for American and

English Bulldogs

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Taking Really Good Care of an English
and American Bulldog

By: Tippy

The English Bulldog has some real health problems with
having small windpipes and therefore it can't breathe
appropriately at times. They are also very susceptible to
stroke in hot weather or if left in very warm places. They
are also very sensitive to the cold.

English Bulldogs also often have poor eyesight. Because of
the overly large, broad heads puppies usually must be
delivered by Caesarian section. This breed also has a
problem with flatulence. They may have knee and hip problems
and are susceptible to skin infections. The American Bulldog
is known only to be vulnerable to hip dysplasia like other
large dogs. They also have problems with drooling and

Bulldogs are good family dogs that get along well with other
family pets. With dogs they are not familiar with they may
have to be corrected for dominance issues.

When an English Bulldog is young they are full of energy
that will eventually peak and then the dog will mellow into
old age. They often drool, slobber and snore loudly. If this
dog doesn't have a leader with a strong personality they can
start exhibiting bad behavior when guarding objects and

This behavior can be corrected when the owner of the dog
starts to act correctly towards this dog. It is stressful to
a dog to not know its place in the family and to think that
it is the leader of the family.

The American Bulldog must be well socialized and obedience
trained at a very early age. This way they will not become
reserved with strangers. Without strong leadership from
their owner they can become aggressive towards other dogs.
The Bulldog, whether American or English, must be treated as
a dog and know its place in the family.

The American Bulldog needs daily exercise or they can become
high strung and hard to hard to handle.

These dogs will also need proper grooming including regular
brushing, parasite control, clipping of claws and brushing
of teeth. If the teeth are not properly maintained they have
problems with bad breath. Do not feed this dog a cheap dog
food as the English Bulldogs already have problems with skin
infections they need a high quality food with no grain or
corn additives.

Picture of Bulldog

Your Bulldog has a Couple of Special Needs you need to know
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

The massive, wrinkle faced Bulldog with rolling
shoulders and rolling skin is truly a delightful pet,
but one that requires nutritional help.

The nose, ears and eyes must be cleaned daily with
eyebright solution.

Since allergies can be a problem, quercetin or 
bee pollen added to a quality protein and fat diet
will decrease the allergic response and help keep
the immune system strong.

See my suggestion for the a Scrumptious
and Tantalizing Food for your Bulldog

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Bloat precautions are required.

How to Prevent Bloat in your Bulldog

A vegetable enzyme added to the food will help with 
digestion while sending the necessary nutrients to the
skin and coat, another problem area.

Fresh garlic should be added to the food and brewer's 
yeast and garlic should be your treat of choice,
along with carrots and celery. Raw vegetables will
keep off the fat while cleaning the teeth.

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