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Plush Stuffed

Bulldogs with real

Class and Style!

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No where else on God's Good Green Earth will
you find anything so Charming and Endearing, plus
being really Neat as these Marvelous
Stuffed Plush Bulldogs.

Brutus, our stuffed Bulldog toy animal just loves to
have his head patted, and when he does - he whines
and then Brutus barks! Go ahead and pull his bone and
Brutus will Grrrrr!

This Adorable stuffed Bulldog
is definitely the talk of the dog show and would win
a blue ribbon in any stuffed animal contest.

Now you can capture special moments and create special
keepsakes with this Chipper and Exciting stuffed plush Bulldog
who just can't wait for you to give him a good home.
He won't be any trouble at all, and he promises to
provide you and your family with the time of your lives.

Just be careful - you might find yourself falling totally
in love with this Charming stuffed plush Bulldog.

Getting your stuffed Bulldog from us is far easier
than getting a Bulldog from the Humane Society, simply
select the Stuffed Ark banner immediately below and
you're on your way to Fun and Good Times for all.

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Gift Ideas for Bulldogs & all dog breeds

Bulldogs - English and American

The English Bulldog's muzzle is "pugged" and short and the
nose should be broad and black with large nostrils. The
lower jaw should be undershot and the upper lips should be
pendant. The eyes are far apart, round and dark. The ears
should be folded back in the form of a rose and small and

The tail is carried low and is short. The coat can come in
colors of brindle, fawn, pale yellow, red, washed out red or
white and any combination of these colors. Black is not

The muzzle can sometimes be dark. The legs are set squarely
at each corner of its stocky, muscular, compact body.
Because of this deliberate design the English Bulldog
waddles when it walks.

The American Bulldog's chest is wide and the neck tapers
from the shoulders to the head and is muscular. The neck can
have a slight dewlap. They have front legs that are very
straight, strong and heavy boned. The hind quarters are
muscular and broad.

The tail is low-set and is thick at the base and tapers to a
point. They have a compact, powerful, sturdy frame. The male
dog is usually heavier boned and stockier than the female
which has a more refined frame.

The head is broad and square with muscular cheeks and a
furrow between their eyes. They have a muzzle shaped like a
box. The stop is deep and sharply defined. The teeth can
come together evenly, in a scissors bite or undershot.

American Bulldogs can have a variety of ear shapes including
half-pricked, pendant and rose. Some owners of the American
Bulldog have been known to crop the ears, but for the breed
standard uncropped ears are preferred.

All eye colors are permitted but they must have black rims
on white colored dogs. The nose can be black or grizzle
colored. When the American Bulldog has a black nose it is
preferred that the lips also be black in color, though a
little pink is accepted. The lips are loose.

The coat is harsh and short and comes in color combinations
of solid and varying degrees of white, every shade of
brindle, brown, red, or tan.

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