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Discovering the two

varieties of the

athletic Burmese Cat

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The Kitten - like Burmese
By: the Feline Editors @ Pet Care Tips

The Burmese is a domesticated cat breed that has two
different varieties, the American Burmese and the British
Burmese Cat. Most of these cats are descendant from Wong Mau, a
female cat that was brought from Burma to the United States
in 1930. Many cat registries do not recognize both varieties
of Burmese and those that do often refer to the British
Burmese as the European Burmese.

Originally the Burmese had a brown or sable coat color only.
But years of selective breeding have produced cats of many
different colors. Not all cat registries will recognize
every color; it entirely depends on the registry. Whatever
the color, the coat of the Burmese has a satin-like, glossy

The accepted eye color for a Burmese is yellow or gold,
although interbreeding with the Siamese breed has led to
green or blue eyes occasionally.

The British Burmese is moderate in body type but shouldn't
be Oriental, while the American Burmese has a sturdier
build. The Burmese are small to medium sized cats although
they tend to be a lot heavier than they first appear. Both
Burmese types tend to have a long lifespan compared to other
cat breeds. They often live to be sixteen to eighteen years
of age. These are vocal cats but they have softer, sweeter
meows than the Siamese.

The Burmese is people oriented and to form strong bonds with
their owners. They become great companions and tend to enjoy
socializing with humans. They love attention and are not
considered to be an independent breed, and therefore
shouldn't be left alone for long extended periods.

The Cat Fanciers Association claims that the fight or flight
survival instincts have been bred out of this cat breed.
However other sources state that the Burmese is quite well
able to defend itself even against cats larger than

Burmese maintain kitten-like attitudes and energy even into
adulthood. They are athletic cats that like to play. In some
instances they have been known to play "fetch" as part of a
game. Many Burmese can be trained to jump through hoops and
other fun tricks. They are easy to care for and are easy to
travel with.

Picture Burmese Cat

Feed the Burmese Cat an Alternative, Professional Food
Dr. Jane Bicks

An active show off with a stunning sable brown 
coat that any feline would envy, the Burmese is 
a combination stand up (and roll over) comic
and Olympic athlete.

The breed is prone to ocular discharge, so supplementing
the diet with vitamin C, 100 - 200 mg daily, or an
antioxidant formula, is recommended. I've found
this helpful in averting potential eye problems
and clearing up those that already exist.

For continued coat beauty, feed an alternative
high quality premium cat food plus a supplement that enhances
the Burmese Cat's beautiful coat and protects from allergies.

Torula yeast and garlic or brewer's yeast is the
perfect healthy treat.

I would suggest trying this for a Premium Eating Experience for
    Your Burmese Cat     Cat Food & Treats

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