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Carbohydrates and

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Carbohydrates for Puppies and Dogs
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Dietary fiber is plant material made up of carbohydrates.
Although dogs cannot digest it directly, it is very important for your
dog. When selecting a dry dog food, be sure that it includes a
moderate fermentable fiber to keep those intestinal cells healthy.
Fruits or vegetables can be added to any food as a good source.

Carbohydrates are nutrients derived from plants. They include
starches, sugars, cereals, and plant fibers. Corn, wheat, and soy
contain protein that is often used in dog food. They also serve
as a back up source of energy.

If you are looking for a fiber filled breakfast treat, you can't go
wrong with oatmeal with honey, wheat germ, and lactose reduced
milk for your puppy or dog.

Rather than indulge your dog with dog biscuits (which are always
fattening), feeding raw or cooked carrots, celery, or apples will
provide a healthy intestinal treat without the calories!

Sudden changes in carbohydrate type or quantity can cause loose stool
or diarrhea. While most dogs tolerate well cooked carbohydrates, wheat
can be a problem for some breeds, especially shepherds

Benefits of Carbohydrates for Dogs

* Provide energy
* Can be a source of protein
* Can enhance food palatability
* Help maintain correct glucose levels in the body
* Glycogen is essential for muscle usage

Minimum carbohydrate requirement for dogs and puppies

Although dogs and puppies have no standard requirements for carbohydrates, for optimal health (especially during pregnancy and lactation) they need at least well processed rice, corn, or wheat.

Dry dog foods contain anywhere between 30% and 60% carbohydrate,
while canned foods have up to 30%.

An average nonworking dog does will with a diet of 36% carbohydrates.

The best thing you can do to help your Friend
live the Longest and Healthiest Life possible is provide them
with a Quality Premium food.

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