Keep Kitty Entertained with these Amusing Cat Gyms

The cat gym is specially made to provide your cat with
plenty of play and exercise. Cat Gyms range from a
simple pad with a flexible rod and a fluff ball on the
end to a full tree gym with condos and toys.

Most cat gyms have multiple levels and can come in a
wide variety of colors to match your decor. The idea of
a cat gym is to provide a place for your cat to
exercise by climbing, scratching, jumping, leaping and
wrestling with the various accoutrements that come with
the cat gym.

Cats seem to enjoy the challenge and it will save your
furniture and breakables. Providing a safe place for
your cat to exercise and play is ideal, rather than
allowing your cat to climb on your furniture and

Cat gyms are mainly for play and provide endless
entertainment for your pet. Most cat gyms are made from
wood covered with sisal or carpet so that your cat can
sharpen its claws on it instead of your furniture.

For those cats that have trouble getting around there
are cat gyms with ramps so that your cat doesn't have
to strain to get to upper levels. There are a lot of
different types of accoutrements that can go into a cat
play gym, for instance, cat sized tunnels, platforms,
ramps, cat condos, toys, cat houses, cat swings,
hammocks and more.

Some of the platforms or condos hang to provide extra
entertainment and allow your cat to practice balance
and agility. These hanging platforms or condos spin in
the air making it more challenging to get onto or into
the hanging item.

Cat condos can come in any configuration to fit your
cat's needs. There are some that are very simple and
will easily fit anywhere without causing bother. Others
are over seventy-eight inches tall and have multiple
levels and different platforms and toys for your cat to
play or exercise with.

We carry a really nice selection of Cat Gyms for
your kitty to choose from. Pick the one that your
cat likes the best. Cats have excellent taste when
it comes to picking out their own furniture!

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