Cat Leashes that are Strong enough to hold any kitty.

Attractive but also strong enough to
keep your kitty from breaking away. You will be pleased
with the security our Cat Leashes provide for your Cat.

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Many cat owners have now found that teaching their cats
to walk on a leash was not only good for them but for
their cats as well. Cats that walk on leashes get to
experience outdoor life in safety and the owners get to
spend quality time with their cats. A leash protects
your cat and prevents it from running away from you.
Training your cat to walk on a leash takes patience and
time but you may find that it is much easier than you
thought it would be.

You will also need to buy a harness for your cat.
Collars are not a good option to use when walking a cat
on a lead as the cat may panic and slip the collar and
the leash and so get itself into danger outdoors.
Measure your cat before buying a harness and be sure to
adjust the fit of the harness so that you can fit two
fingers under it, no more, no less. That way the
harness won't hurt the cat but it can't pull out of it.
Make sure that the tension that you put on the lead and
thereby the harness pulls on the cat's chest, never on
the neck.

If you don't want to use a harness for some reason
there are special cat jackets that you can use for
attaching the leash. The leash clip is usually
situated in the middle of the top back of the jacket.
This makes it comfortable for your cat and the jackets
are usually lightweight.

You should allow your cat to wear the harness/jacket
and lead around your home under your supervision so
that it can become accustomed to the items before
introducing it to the outdoors. You can also put the
harness or jacket and the lead in the cat bed or cat
sleeping area so that they can take on your cat's scent
and so that your cat is more familiar with them.

When you buy the leash for your cat keep in mind that
the leash should be lightweight. A leash that is so
heavy it drags the cat down is much too heavy for your
cat. Ideally the leash should be no wider than your
pinky and be made of lightweight material such as
nylon. There are many leashes suitable for a cat that
you can choose from at our online store.

Remember to praise, pet and reward throughout the
process of training your cat to walk on a leash.
Positive reinforcement has been shown to work much
better on cats than any other method of pet training.
You should start by putting the harness on and letting
your cat wear it for short periods around the home with
supervision. Then you should attach the lead and hold
the cat in your lap.

Reward the cat when it sits still in your lap and
doesn't try to run away. If it tries to run just hold
it in one place while keeping firm tension on the
leash. Talk lovingly and soothingly to your cat until
it calms down. When it calms reward it with a treat and
some praise.

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