Cat Leads that are Safe and Easy for you to Use

These quality Cat Leads will help keep
your precious kitty Safe and Secure if you want to take
your cat out for walks or tie him on the porch or in the yard.
They will keep your cat where you want them to be.

A very secure cat lead for cats.

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The Lead or cat leash isn't an accessory that you would
normally associate with a pet cat. Most cat owners
regard their cat as the local jungle denizen of their
home, the idea of restraining such a creature is
absolutely a foreign concept. But what happens when you
need to take your cat out somewhere and you don't want
to confine it within a cat carrier?

A lead and harness are very handy if you are traveling
by car for long distances, too. When you stop at a rest
stop you can walk the cat in the pet area (if there
aren't loose dogs around) and so avoid smelly litter
boxes or even accidents in your vehicle.

There are many lightweight leads or leashes and
harnesses that you can buy to use to walk your cat.
Cats are most definitely not dogs and will want to go
their own way, of course, but giving them some freedom
instead of allowing them to do as they please outside
is really the safest option for them.

If your cat is mainly an indoor cat, should it get
outside alone it will not know what to do. Outdoors
cats are a little more streetwise than house cats but
there is still danger from dogs, cars and diseases. If
you want to keep your cat for many years and not
accidentally lose it, then getting a cat lead/leash and
teaching your cat to be happy with it is the best way
to go about it.

There are two different types of leads that are good to
use with your cat: the standard leash and the
retractable leash. In general, cats usually aren't
heavy enough that you need an extra heavy duty leash or
lead. Instead use a lightweight lead that doesn't drag
the floor or weigh the cat down when it is walking.

You do not attach a cat leash/lead to your cat's
collar. Instead you have to get a harness as well and
clip the leash/lead to it. Cats can and will pull out
of a collar that is attached to a lead and that is why
the cat harness is necessary to go along with the cat

If you want to allow your cat to be able to explore
around you as you walk it, then getting a retractable
lead is your best option. This way your cat can roam
about without your having to follow closely or worry
about it too much. Keep it away from trees though,
because the retractable lead can get tangled in bushes
and tree limbs and cause a serious problem for your

If you want your cat to have a little freedom but to
stay close to you then you can choose a standard lead
with a determined length. Keep in mind that you want to
be able to pick up and get to your cat quickly if there
are dogs about so if you are going to be taking your
cat to the park you should use a standard lead that is
around five to six feet in length.

The next step is training your cat to walk on a lead.
This can be easy or hard depending on your cat. If you
can start training when the cat is still a kitten you
should have little trouble training it to walk on
leash. We even trained a cat that had been feral and he
adapted quite well. You will look like a master animal
trainer as you walk your happy kitty! Good luck and
happy walking.

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