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Using clean

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Arts and Crafts with Cat's Litter
By: Alfred

Cat litter is not just for your pet but it can be used in
multiple ways around the house. Here are some art projects
using cat litter that you may find interesting:

Most cat litters are made out of clay and some make very
pretty art. You can easily dye it many different colors with
food coloring and water. This makes great multiple colored
"rocks" for kids to use to make many different things.

For Example:


* 10 pound bag or regular non-clumping unscented cat litter
* Box of food coloring
* Old Nylons
* Newspaper
* Coffee cans
* Glass Jars
* Paraffin Wax or candle wax
* Wicks
* Oil Scents if preferred


First take your cat litter and separate it out into multiple
stockings of nylon and tie off the ends into baggies. Next
take the coffee cans and add a little water and food
coloring to the coffee cans (Multiple colors). (This is best
done in a garage or someplace that has space and won't be
damaged if you make a mess.)

Next have your child choose the coffee cans and baggies of
cat litter to dye. Dip a baggie into the food color water
for a minute or so to dye it. The baggies should not be
placed in the food coloring for long. Cat litter is clay and
it will melt into the water over time.

Next take the baggies out and untie the ends and upend them
into piles onto newspaper to dry. Drying may take a couple
of days.

Next take your nicely colored pieces of clay and some glass
jars and have the children layer the different colors of
"rocks" into the jar as they prefer.

Pour hot wax over all and let it settle to the bottom of the
jars. At first pour just enough to fill about the bottom one
third of the jar. (Caution: Hot melted paraffin can cause
serious burns, have the child well away from the pouring and
don't let your child touch the jar until the wax cools.)
Next put a wick in the jar and fill it the rest of the way
with wax. You can even add scent to the wax if you wish.

You have made custom decorated candles.

Another project:

You can add texture to any art project using cat litter.
From paintings to pots there are simple projects you can do
to make your crafts more interesting.

For example:


* Construction Paper
* Glue
* Cat Litter
* Tempura paints
* Pencils
* Squares of Cardboard (if wanted)

Have your child or children draw a picture of a landscape in
regular pencil on the construction paper. Once that is done,
have them use white glue to fill in the landscape areas,
from trees to ground and clouds. Then pour cat litter over

After the glue dries, have the children paint their
landscape's bumps all over with temporal paint to make a
nice textured painting.

Because of the weight of the painting you may want to back
their paintings onto some squares of cardboard with glue


* Clay flower pot
* Glue
* Cat Litter (You can dye it if you want)
* Brushes

Have your child or children take a flower pot and brush glue
all over the pot, then have the child roll the pot in the
cat litter until the pot is covered with it. Or make fancy
designs on the pot using dyed cat litter. This makes a fun
funky pot in which to grow bean seeds or herbs. If you
particularly like the pot, spray it with clear acrylic to
preserve it.

Please feel free to submit your ideas on how to use cat
litter in creative and fun ways. We are always looking for
something new and fun to do!

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