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Cheeto the Cat's

lifelong Dream is

to Meet Morris the Cat

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The Cat that wants to meet Morris

Dear Tippy and Alfred,

My cat, Cheeto is very ill and my mom believes he is dying. He's
a great cat so you can imagine that I just can't picture my life
without him. And all Cheeto ever dreamed of his acting, before he
got severely ill he would perform silly tricks.

One that I will always remember is that if you got mad at him he
would fall to the ground and pretend to be dead or sleeping. What
a goof. Oh and another trick I remember is he would literally put
his paws over his eyes if he didn't want to look at anything.

He means so much to me! So my question is do you have any idea
how I could contact Morris the Cat? Because I want my little
Cheeto to meet him before he passes on. I promised Cheeto since
he was a tiny kitten that he would meet Morris the Cat and I
can't break my promise to Cheeto because even though he's a cat
he's like family to me.

Any info you might have Morris the Cat would help me greatly. I
know that cats don't live as long as humans but the thing that
hurts is that Cheeto was born September 21, 2005. My poor baby
isn't even a year old and he's dying! I just want Cheeto to meet
his hero Morris the Cat.

Thank You,

The Crazy Cat Woman
That Loves Her Little Calicos
C.J. And Cali, And Loves Her Crazy
Acting Cats, Chilli And Cheeto. And Deals
With Pur-Pur and Scooter


If anyone knows how this special person and her kitty can contact
Morris, please email us with the info and we will get in touch with Cheeto.

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