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What you can do if your Cat or Kitten gets a Cold
By: Alfred

Red watery eyes, sneezing and breathing through the mouth
are all symptoms of URI or upper respiratory infection in cats.
In cats and kittens URI is usually caused by bacteria or a
virus, and sometimes an allergy.

When adult cats get a URI often all they need is a little
time and care and they will get over it on their own. In
kittens these problems are more serious and can actually
cause death.

When your cat develops what we associate as cold-like
symptoms, watch them and make sure that the symptoms don't
get any worse. Often your cat or kitten will recover within
a few days.

If you see the cat or kitten start to wheeze, become weak
and not want to eat, get it to the veterinarian right away.
This can mean that the cat has developed pneumonia, which is
serious and needs antibiotics like Clomax in order to beat
the disease.

It is important that if you have a cat or kitten with a cold
that you make sure that the cat bed is in a warm, dry place
away from any cold drafts. You want to make sure that there
is plenty of water at all times for the cat or kitten to

And make sure that you give the cat food that slides down
the throat easily, like wet cat food, so that if it can't
breathe through its nose effectively it doesn't struggle for
air while it eats.

Does it need any kind of special treatment? Aside from your
watching it and making sure that it has what it needs as
usual, no, not really. Some people like to give their cat L-
Lysine when it first has symptoms. L-Lysine is an amino acid
that helps with immune support for your cat.

You can get L-Lysine over the counter, and people grind it
up and sprinkle it on the cat food. Some say it works, some
say it doesn't. It would work if your cat already has a
deficiency of L-Lysine and needs the amino acid. Otherwise,
it may be ineffective.

Other people swear by feeding a cat chicken broth or
Pedialyte mixed with water. This provides the cat with more
electrolytes than water alone. But this would be most
effective if your cat is dehydrated.

How can you tell if your cat is dehydrated? If a cat is
dehydrated it exhibits some specific symptoms like: sunken
eyes, dry mouth, poor skin elasticity, lethargy, increased
heart rate, poor capillary refill time and constipation. You
can test elasticity by gently pinching a bit of your cat's
skin behind the neck and if when you let go it snaps back
your cat is fine.

If it stays pinched and slowly retracts when you let go,
your cat is dehydrated. To re-hydrate you can't just give
your cat water. They can drink too much at once and become
even more ill, or die. You should give the cat a tablespoon
every ten minutes until your cat no longer wants any more.
But the best thing to do is to get the cat to a veterinarian
right away so that IV fluid can be administered. Dehydration
is very serious and can lead to the death of your cat if not
treated correctly.

In any case, if you are worried about your cat's condition
and it doesn't improve within a week even though it doesn't
get any more ill, take it to the veterinarian. It might be
that you cat has allergies and needs to be prescribed an
allergy medicine. Or if it is a bacterium an anti-bacterial
may be prescribed. Sometimes being overprotective can save
your cat's life, especially if it something more serious and
not a cold as you first thought.

More expert info on Kitten Care

Alfred has a Serious Talk about Developing Kittens

The bodies of kittens are in the developing stages. The
cells are forming at a rapid pace, and the DNA and RNA
within these cells are being "programmed" so they will know
the blueprint for how to build a cell that will eventually
replace that first one.

In order for cells to build DNA & RNA, certain proteins,
minerals, and enzymes are necessary to be present, along
with pure water and oxygen.

If these are not available to the cell in the right amounts,
and Quality, a cell will be formed that is a bit malformed or defective.

When the fetus was in the mother's womb, the cells were fed
from the mother's blood. Now, the cells must be formed from
the ingredients in the food the kitten eats.

If the food does not contain the right ingredients the
kitten needs, then obviously the cells will not have the
proper nutrients to build the strongest and healthiest cell

Millions of cells make up what we call organs. If these
cells are malformed or defective, then we have an organ with
a tissue structure that is weak and unable to perform to
capacity or is susceptible to disease.

Does this make sense to you?

If so, then we would like to suggest that a kitten needs an
excellent quality food with a very wide range of nutrients
in it.

You know that cats are carnivores, meaning they are meat
eaters. They don't have the ability to manufacture proteins
in their liver as dogs and humans do, thus they have to get
their proteins from food.

Complete proteins come from meat sources. Incomplete
proteins come from grains. Incomplete proteins do not have
all the amino acids present required to form what we call a
complete protein.

Our suggestion then is to look for a kitten food that has at least
2 to 3 meat sources of proteins to every one grain source.

And to look for a food that has all natural preservatives instead
of toxic chemicals.

Our recommended food for kittens is:
Life's Abundance Premium Health Food For Cats

It is a 100% complete and balanced formula that is safe for your
kitten, and will supply your kitten with the nutrients it needs.

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