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How can I

stop my Cat

Eating House Plants?

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Ways you can retrain or prevent your Cat from Eating
House Plants

Presented to you by: Alfred and Baby Kitty

A house cat or kitten may eat your house plants for many
different reasons. But there is hope and you can do more to
help your cat avoid your house plants or if they just won't
stop eating them, at least they can safely ingest your
house plants.

Firstly, you should make sure that the house plants that you
have in your home are safe for cats. There are many
different plants that you might have in your home that are
toxic to cats, so it is important that you research and make
sure that they house plants you have in your home are non-
toxic and safe for your pet cats or kittens. Even if your
cat has never eaten plants before, a little upset stomach
one day may inspire a green snack.

If your cat shreds or chews up your house plants you should
examine the cause. If you see that your plant is actually
getting eaten there are alternatives that you can give you
cat for nibbling instead of your house plants.

One possibility is special cat grass that is sold for this
purpose. You can buy cat grass commercially and it is very
easy to grow. Your cat more likely will eat it before any of
your house plants. Oat grass is a good substitute as well.

Keep in mind that you cat may be having problem digesting
it's food or may need some nutrient that it isn't getting in
the particular food you provide and that may be why it is
eating your plants. (See below for more info on a really
nutritious diet for your kitty)  Also, plants help relieve
constipation in your cat's or kitten's digestive system so
sometimes if they get a little backed up they may take
a nip or two out of your plants.

Another course you can take if you can't stop your kitty
from chomping a particular plant is to put something smelly
on the plant that is offensive to your cat. This will
probably make your cat avoid your house plants just because
of the offensive odor. This is a good tactic if your cat is
the occasional shredder and uses your plants as a scratching

You can also offer a few scratching posts and this will cut
down on the wear and tear to your furniture, carpet and
house plants.

If your cat is only shredding your plants when you are not
home this may mean that they take issue with your leaving.
Not all cats are happy to stay by themselves. In this case
you can try several methods outlined above. If they don't
work you can confine your cats to just one plant-less room
while you are gone. You could also hire a pet sitter or have
your cat housed at a facility while you are away, which
would also provide it with attention while you are away.

In the event that your cat has developed a habit of
shredding your plants you may have to get proactive and re-
train your cat. Some people will remove all house plants but
one and keep it by their side so that when they see or hear
there cat trying to get to it they squirt it with a spray
bottle filled with water. Most cats do not like water and
most will run if they are sprayed with it. This will
eventually re-train them but it takes time.

If your cat couldn't care less about being sprayed with
water, another method is to use a loud noise. Just a loud
noise like cymbals crashing together is usually enough. Some
people booby-trap their plants so they will emit an alarm
when the cat tries to shred them. Some people use an air
horn but this is very traumatic to the cat and you shouldn't
use anything that hurts your own ears. Keep in mind that
cats have more sensitive hearing than you do.

There are more ways of course that you might try in order to
help your cat avoid your house plants. Get creative and stick
with what works. Above all be patient and never discipline
your pet in anger.

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