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Cat Allergies can

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Skin Irritants and your Cat causing Allergies
Written By: Alfred

One of the more common health problems that you may
encounter with your cat is an allergy to something within
your cat's environment.

Some of these irritants can be food, chemicals, dust, pollen
and mold. An allergy is a specific substance to which your
cat's immune system reacts in defense. The most common
symptoms of an allergy are sneezing, itching and dermatitis.

Dermatitis in cats is an itchy skin rash that shows up as multiple
red bumps clustered together. This isn't easy to see through
fur, but if the case is bad enough your cat may rip out its
own hair to get to the skin in order to scratch it.
Dermatitis isn't easy to diagnose nor is it easy to find the
specific trigger that is causing the allergy.

If your cat starts to sneeze, appears itchy and sleeps more
often, your cat may have an allergy. In order to figure out
what the allergy can be you should take your cat to a
veterinarian for a general check up and an allergy test.
Your veterinarian can also prescribe medication like
steroids or a histamine blocker to lessen your cat's

If the allergy test that your veterinarian administers is
inconclusive, which is common because so many things can be
allergens, then you should start by eliminating things in
your cat's environment that are considered to be common
allergens. These can be anything from excessive dust to a
particular chemical product you are using in your home.

Eliminate any harmful cleaning chemicals in your home such
as the ones that have bleach or ammonia, and try healthier,
natural, alternative cleaners. Your cat cleans its paws a
lot with its tongue. If it happens to touch a surface with
chemicals on it the most likely place the chemical will wind
up is in your cat's fur, skin, mouth and stomach. This can
be very dangerous to your cat's health.

Use all-natural cat-care related products. For example, try
using a Pennyroyal flea collar instead of a chemical cat
flea collar, or use a natural detergent to clean your cat's
bed mat. Change your cat litter to something that is
unscented and hypoallergenic. Eliminate flea powders and
flea chemicals that are poisonous. Try using diatomaceous
earth dust rather than flea powered or sprays. Use
hypoallergenic natural shampoos if you give your cat baths.

Use a vacuum cleaner that traps dust and allergens. These
are pretty common, although more expensive than your regular
vacuum cleaner. Using an ionic dust air cleaner is also a
good idea to help eliminate dust in your home. This will
filter out any mold spores in the air as well, which is
important for the health of the entire household.
We recommend Dyson vacuum cleaners.

It isn't commonly known, but many cats are allergic to the
corn and other grains that are commonly found in cheap cat
food. Changing your cat food to a more natural cat food that is
more easily digested and better for the cat can improve your
cat's health dramatically. There are some very good cat
foods on the market that do not have corn in them at all.

If your cat is an outside cat then it may be something
outside that is causing the allergic reaction. Keeping your
cat inside exclusively is better for your cat and may stop
the allergic reaction. Also keeping your windows shut during
peak allergen season is also a good idea if your cat is
having trouble with seasonal allergies.

If you notice that your cat's health is continuing to
decline and you notice that you are also having a health
decline it could be that your home in infected with mold.
Mold is a very bad problem especially in homes located in
high humidity regions. Mold can grow on the inside of walls
and floors where it isn't easily seen, but it can still
release spores into the air you breathe.

This causes severe allergic reactions and a general decline
in health. If you live in a region with high humidity and
the health of your family and pets is deteriorating then you
may want to have your house inspected for mold. If you find
evidence of mold in your home then you should have it
treated right away to lessen the cost to your family, pets
and the overall value of your home.

If you have been putting down roach baits, mouse poison or
any pesticides and you or your pets are having an allergic
reaction you should find a more natural alternative. If your
cat happens to eat a poisoned mouse or chews on roach bait
it can kill it, much less cause health problems and

Another common allergy is the flea allergy. Many cats are
allergic to fleas and flea bites. They make an allergic cat
generally miserable and itchy. Be sure that you use a non-
toxic natural alternative to get rid of the fleas like
diatomaceous earth and frequent vacuuming.

You should also consider avoiding perfumes, aerosols, room
deodorizers, and carpet powders. Your cat could be allergic
to one or all of these things. Remember that anything you
put on a surface may very well end up on your cat or in your

Some cats have an allergy to catnip, which is an herb that
normally makes cats happy. Don't assume that because some
cats can use it your cat necessarily can.

It is best if you are going to do an elimination test that
you start with one product and stop using it for a full
week. If your cat's health improves then try not using the
product for two weeks. And if your cat's health returns to
normal and no more allergic reactions occur it may very well
be that you have found the thing that caused your cat's

The allergy is not always due to something in your cat's
environment though. Sometimes the problem may be internal,
like an allergy to the toxins produced from roundworms,
hookworms and heartworms. These internal parasites are very
bad for your cat's health. You should deworm your cat every
year for this reason.

Also what you think may be an allergy could be something
more serious, like a disease. That is why if you see any
kind of decline in your cat's health that you should take
your cat to the veterinarian to determine the exact cause of
the decline. Do not assume that it is an allergy or some
other disease; get it checked by a licensed veterinarian.

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