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Understanding the ins

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Taurine and Cats
By: Alfred

Taurine is an essential amino acid that aids in regulating
heart rhythm, reproduction, digestion and vision in cats.
Cats must get Taurine in their diets. A Cat's body
can't manufacture it from other amino acids as most mammals
can. So domesticated cats must have Taurine supplemented in
their diets.

Fifty percent of the free amino acids in the heart muscle is
Taurine. A study in 1987 found that animals with an
insufficient amount of Taurine in there diet have specific
cardiac problems. They had dilatation of the left part of
the heart. Once the imbalance was corrected the animals went
back to normal. A heart that is weak on one side isn't able
to aerate blood correctly, which causes circulation problems
and cell death.

Cats with a deficiency of Taurine were also seen to have
very low fertility rates, abortions, fetal resorptions,
abnormal kittens and growth disease in kittens that

If a cat doesn't have enough Taurine in its diet it can
cause a degeneration of the retina of the eye that leads to
blindness within two years. By correcting the deficiency you
can halt the degeneration, but the lesions that are already
there are irreversible.

Taurine is also essential for the formation of biliary salts
that break down fats in the small intestines. Taurine is
also used to develop the nervous system in a cat. It also
protects cell membranes and has a role in blood coagulation,
immune reactions and protection of the lung tissue.

Taurine is usually found as an additive in good quality cat
food, but it is important that you check the ingredients on
the cat food you choose to make sure that Taurine is an
additive and that there is at least one hundred milligrams
of Taurine for every kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cat food.

This particular amino acid is unlike other amino acids in
that it isn't broken down to make proteins, it is found
whole in tissue. Taurine is primarily found in animal-based
proteins such as meat and seafood, so a cat can never be a
Vegan. Added to that is the fact that it breaks down when
heated, so cooking the meat will destroy over half of the
available Taurine.

There are more complications in facts such as how the meat
was cooked, what part of the animal it came from, and the
like. For this reason, it may be better to choose a good
quality of commercial pet food with a guaranteed amount of
Taurine supplement added than to guess by preparing your
cat's food yourself.

If you do feed your cat a homemade diet, you must add a
Taurine supplement. Fortunately, there are few side effects
of too much Taurine in the diet because a cat's body can't
store it. So if you make sure, however you do so, that your
cat gets from one hundred to three hundred milligrams of
Taurine per day your cat should do well.

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