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The Dangers to your Cat from your Christmas Tree
By: Tippy & Alfred

Christmas is the time of year for sharing with your family
and giving gifts. A number of traditions are celebrated and
among those traditions is putting up the Christmas tree. The
Christmas tree however, if you are not aware and careful,
can be a hazard to your cat.

The decorations, gifts, lights and even the stand that your
tree goes in can be hazardous to your cat's health. Unless
you keep your cat in mind when you are decorating for the
holidays it is dangerous to let you cat into the room that
holds your Christmas tree, especially if you are not there,
and most especially if the tree is lit up with electric

The decorations that are put on the tree are often made of
glass and are breakable. These if they fall (which they are
likely to do if a cat is in the room) can break apart and
leave shards on the floor for people and pets to step on and
be injured.

Tinsel is also a big problem for cats. I caught my cat
chewing on tinsel and if it had swallowed any of that tinsel
it would at least have given him a belly ache if not blocked
his intestines and killed him.

The lights strung up on the tree are connected by a cord
that could electrocute my cat if he chewed it. This is
especially dangerous if the tree is left unattended with the
lights on. Or the cat can get tangled up in the tree or
gifts and possibly harms itself when trying to escape in a

Also the cat can get sick from drinking the water in the
tree stand, as the water not only breeds bacteria if left
for a few days but may be poisonous if the tree was sprayed
with insecticides or preservatives.

An ordinary pet gate will not keep your cat away from the
tree. Closing the tree off from the rest of the house and
only allowing the cat in the room with the tree when someone
is there to watch is the best solution. Remember to keep
your cat's health in mind and try to decorate without
putting harmful decorations on the tree. This will keep your
cat safer should it manage to be alone with your Christmas tree.

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