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Weimaraner - "The Gray Ghost"

The Weimaraner is an affectionate, cheerful, intelligent,
loving dog that is good with children. This dog does well
with a variety of training and will learn quickly, but they
are a high energy breed and if they do not get enough
exercise they can be difficult to control and become
rambunctious. This dog breed needs to be trained and
socialized from an early age and have an experienced, firm,
consistent, calm owner.

The Weimaraner is a hunting dog and shouldn't be trusted
with small non-canine animals like guinea pigs, hamsters or
rabbits because they have a strong prey instinct.
Weimaraners make good guard and watchdogs as they are brave,
loyal and protective.

Your Weimaraner needs a lot of exercise or it may become
over excited and restless. The first your dog needs to learn
after its name is to sit because this will prevent them from
jumping up and possibly injuring someone. They do best with
the motivation/reward training method. Extra attention
should be paid to proper leash training etiquette.

This dog breed likes to bark and it can become excessive if
not corrected. Never correct your Weimaraner by striking it
however, or it can become wary and start fearing you. A firm
voice is usually all that is needed. These dogs are
passionate workers and will do just about anything for
praise. They have a great sense of smell. Some of the
Weimaraner talents are: agility, guarding, hunting,
pointing, police work, retrieving, search and rescue,
service dogs for the disabled and tracking.

The Weimaraner male dog can reach twenty-four to twenty-
seven inches in height and weigh between fifty-five to
seventy pounds. The female can reach a height of twenty-two
to twenty-five inches and weigh between fifty and sixty-five
pounds. They have a life expectancy of ten to twelve years
on average.

The Weimaraner is susceptible to bloat so it is better to
feed them two or three small meals throughout the day rather
than one large meal. They also have issues with Hip
Dysplasia, Hypertrophic Steodystrophy, also known as
excessive rapid growth, and tumors.

Provided the Weimaraner gets enough exercise they do fine in
an apartment setting. They are inactive indoors and do best
with a large yard to play around in. They are not suited to
strictly outdoor life and will not be happy in a kennel.

The Weimaraner is a working dog that has a great deal of
stamina. They need a long daily jog or walk to take care of
their physical and psychological needs. They also need a lot
of opportunities to run around free off the leash in a safe,
secure fenced area. But do not feed these dogs and then
exercise right after. It is better to feed your dog after a
long walk and after it has had time to cool down.

The Weimaraner has a short-haired, smooth coat that is easy
to groom. Brush with a firm bristle brush regularly. Dry
shampoo occasionally and if you have to give the dog a bath
use mild soap. To give the dog's coat a gleam, rub it with a
chamois all over.

Regularly check the feet and mouth for damage after exercise
and work sessions. Keep the nails trimmed on this dog
regularly. This dog breed is an average shedder.


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The Weimaraner must have a high quality alternative
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