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Kittens are popular

being given as

Christmas Presents

Kittens and Christmas
By: Tippy & Alfred

Cats and kittens have become popular Christmas icons. This
may be because they are often given as gifts this time of
year. But giving the gift of a kitten can take many forms
and having kittens during this time of year can mean very
different things.

You can often find kittens in Christmas decorations,
clothing, statuary, toys, movies and stories. Kittens can be
seen gracing windows in the form of window art with little
Santa hats and big bows. They are found frolicking across
winter landscapes or under the Christmas tree among the
Christmas presents in popular paintings. They also take the
form of Christmas ornaments hung upon the Christmas tree.

Kitten and cat owners can also find t-shirts, sweatshirts
and sweaters that depict kittens or cats with holiday
sayings and costumes. They can also find costumes with which
to dress up their cat for the Christmas holiday. (At your
own risk! :)

Statues and figurines are found everywhere, with cats and
kittens popping out of Christmas boxes, dressed up as helper
elves, or as the jolly old elf Santa himself. These items
are often given as gifts or used as decoration about the

Stuffed kittens are often given as gifts during this time or
year especially to children that say they want a cat. This
is an easy way to give the gift of a kitten to a very young
child that isn't capable of taking care of a real cat. There
are even toy cats that meow and purr when touched, or walk
across the floor.

Although we don't know of a specific instance of a movie
about Christmas that stars a cat, cats are often seen in the
background or are supporting characters in Christmas
stories, usually lying by the fireside.

One story that connects cats and Christmas is "The Christmas
Day Kitten" by James Herriot, a popular story about a
veterinarian who helps a mother cat bring a kitten into the
world during the holidays. The kitten grows up to be a very
talented cat.

Cats and kittens have become popular Christmas icons and are
well loved by their owners. If you love cats you can find
many Christmas items associated with cats and Christmas and
can include your love of your cat into the Christmas

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By: Tippy & Alfred

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