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Clay Pigeons, Skeet

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A Clay Pigeon is the target used in Skeet or Trap Shooting.
It's a disk, 4 and 1/2 inches across, thrown as a flying
target by a trap. Obviously the disks are made out
of clay, the clay pigeon is also referred to as a bird.

Skeet was invented by Charles E. Davies, in 1915. In 1926
a contest was held to name the new sport, and Gertrude Hurlbutt,
named it skeet, which is derived from the Scandanavian word for

The "trap" is a device that releases clay pigeons into the
air for shooters to hit and knock down.

The targets (clay pigeons), are sent from the trap at speeds
up to 65 miles per hour. They are shot with a good quality
shotgun, usually a 12 gauge with tight chokes.

Before trap shooting was invented, hunters would shoot
at real pigeons that had been captured and kept in cages.

Skeet shooting has been an Olympic event since 1968.

In trap, shooters move through a series of five adjacent
shooting stations. At each station, competitors mount
their 12 gauge shotguns, call for the target, and fire up
to two shots per target.

In skeet, shooters move through a semicircular range
featuring eight shooting stations. At each station, single
and/or double clay targets are thrown at least 65 meters
from the high (10 feet) or low (three feet) house on
either side of the range.

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