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Understanding the

Proper way to Clip a

Pet Bird's Wings


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Clipping your pet bird's wings, is it the right choice
for you?

There are pros and cons for clipping a pet bird's wings,
we would like to go over them and allow you to make the
right decision for your bird based on your knowledge and
your own circumstances.

The primary purpose for clipping a bird's wings is not to
prevent flight completely but to ensure the bird is unable
to achieve or sustain upward flight and thus to prevent escape.

Clipping only one wing can still enable most birds to
fly to some degree and with the help of the right wind
currents can lead to escape in the wild, which will almost
certainly be death for the bird.

Partially clipping the wings will give the bird varying
amounts of ability to fly, depending upon the degree to which
the wings are clipped.

Why you shouldn't Clip a Bird's Wings

* It can become unbalanced and unable to regain that balance
   on it's own.
* Being unbalanced can cause crashes
* It cannot escape house hold predators like cats
* It can get stranded on the floor and get crushed
* It can get caught behind or between furniture
* The bird could free fall and cause serious injury
* It decreases a bird's freedom
* Clipping the wings will make the bird more dependent upon you
* Incorrectly clipping a bird's wings can cause wing damage.

Why you should Clip a Birds Wings

* It can calm a bold bird down and make a bird tamer
* It can cut back on an aggressive bird's advances
* It can prevent flying into ceiling fans and mirrors, etc.

How to Clip a Bird's Wings

Perhaps the best way to trim a bird's wings is by doing
only a little bit at a time. Trim back a little bit the
first week, then gradually every week do a little more.
This will get the bird accustomed to having less ability
to fly and help him adjust accordingly.

Trim both wings back an equal amount to give the bird
better balance.

Don't clip blood feathers or pin feathers.

If you have never done it before, take your bird to
someone who is experienced and learn from them the correct
way to trim a bird's feathers. Or have your vet do it during
the bird's routine checkups.

How often do I need to clip my bird's wings?

Wings need to be clipped about 6 - 10 weeks after the start
of a molt cycle as new feathers grow back. After that,
constantly check the wings since even a couple of new feathers
in the right place may give the bird the lift it needs to fly.

Options to Wing Clipping

* You can purchase a halter specially made for birds.

* Provide the bird with an aviary or exercise pen which will
give it enough room to daily fly to it's heart's content.

* Give the bird it's own room in your house that is safe
for it to fly in and will prevent the bird from being able
to escape

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