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Creepers have sharp

claws which enable it to

hang on the side of trees

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Brown Creepers are 5-5 3/4 inches, slender, streaked, brown,
tinged with buff on flanks, brown underside with white spots,
rusty rump, thin, decurved bill, usually seen creeping up tree
trunks, using fairly long, stiff tail for support.

genders look alike, but male slightly larger and with slightly
longer bill.

They are primarily an inhabitant of northern coniferous forests,
Brown Creepers can also occur anywhere there are large
stands of dying timber.

The Brown Creeper is the only small perching bird that forages
by creeping along trunks and branches like a woodpecker.

Call is soft and lisping given as it works its way up a
tree trunk.

Food is insects from the bark of trees, spiders, some grains
and nuts. They seek insects from the trees in bark crevices
as they repeatedly spiral up tree trunks, and then fly down
to the base of another tree to start again. When foraging
higher up in trees, they creep along the underside of
branches in search of food.

Nest is of twigs and bark, oval shaped behind loose bark.
Brown Creepers lay 6 to 7 eggs

Creeper is also applied to some unrelated species that also creep
about on trees, rocks, or walls. Some warblers are called creepers.

Picture Brown Creeper

Creepers are members of the family of passerine birds

Types of Creepers include:

Brown Creeper
California Creeper
Rocky Mountain Creeper
Sierra Creeper

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