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Coat Coloration in the Dachshund Breed

Dachshund coats come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.
The solid color coats come in colors of black, blue or gray,
brown, light blond, tan, fawn, and red (strawberry blond to
deep auburn). In the wirehaired variety, cream is referred
to as wheaten.

The bi-colored Dachshund can come in a variety of colors
including: black and cream, black and tan, blue and cream,
blue and tan, chocolate and cream or chocolate and tan.

Within these color combinations the first color that is
listed is the base color. The cream or tan shows up on the
face and points. Sable is a reddish base coat color with
black overlay.

With the wire-haired Dachshund there is a distinctive coat
coloring called "wild boar" that is unique to this
particular variety. The individual hairs are bi-colored
black and red.

Patterns and Tri-colors:

Brindle Dachshunds should have striping over their entire
bodies that can be seen in many of the colors listed in the
bi-colors paragraphs above.

Dapple patterns in Dachshunds are shown in patches of
lighter color on the darker color base. This can result in a
Dachshund that is tri-colored, for example a blue base with
tan points and silver dappling. Sometimes the dappling can
occur over the eyes making them blue in color. One or both
eyes can be colored blue.

Dapples that are "double dapple" only occur with both the
mother and father dog are dapple patterned. What happens
then is that large areas of white are added to the dappling

Triple dapples only occur with a double dapple is bred to a
dapple making even larger white areas. Unfortunately there
are a lot of associated health defects with double and
triple dappled Dachshunds because of genetic disease that
are tied to the color chromosomes.

Piebald Dachshunds may be bi-colored or tri-colored. They
have white patches on their bodies and one and sometimes two
solid colors, for example black and tan on white or red on
white. The patches are random in frequency and coverage.
Sometimes spots can cover almost fifty percent of the
Dachshund's body. Ticking can occur throughout the white
patches or the patches may be solid white.

When different patterns are crossed, such as a dapple and a
piebald, it can result in the patches being patterned in
brindle or dapple. Depending on the kennel club the dog may
or may not be able to be registered. In the case of one
pattern being registered the dog should be registered under

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