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The Complete Caring for your Dachshund Dog
By: Tippy and Alfred

Because of its long body, the Dachshund is prone to back
problems such as Dachshund Paralysis that is caused by
damage to the spinal discs in the back. They also sometimes
develop diabetes, heart disease and urinary tract problems.
Because this breed is so long they shouldn't be encouraged
to jump up or down from high places.

The Dachshund is a "chow hound" and will gladly eat any food
you put down for it. This can lead to obesity that puts
further strain on the dogs back. It is important that you
regulate the dog's food intake and give it adequate exercise
so that it doesn't become overweight.

Dachshunds will do fine in an apartment as they are fairly
active indoors. They can do without a yard because of this.
But all dogs need a long daily walk to take care of their
physical and psychological needs. Be sure to allow time for
this in your schedule.

The Dachshund is an active dog with a lot of stamina. They
enjoy playing and frolicking in the park and other open safe
areas. Because Dachshunds are so low to the ground, you do
have to be careful of them with other people. They tend to
be overlooked and therefore stepped on by pedestrians.

The long-haired Dachshund needs to be brushed and combed
regularly. The wire-haired Dachshund needs to be
professionally groomed and trimmed every six months. The
smooth-coated Dachshund just needs to be wiped down with a
damp cloth when they get dirty. The breed sheds averagely.

Dachshunds are not the easiest dog breed to train, and
because they are a small dog they can be hard to housebreak.
Dachshunds also can fall victim to small dog syndrome if not
socialized, trained, and treated properly. When mistreated
or spoiled the dog can take up behaviors like biting,
guarding, obsessive barking and snapping.

To strangers and children a Dachshund can become difficult
and unpredictable. If the problem continues they can also
have issues with their owners. Psychologically speaking,
this dog needs a strong owner who knows how to properly
train and guide dogs. They need proper obedience training
and because they were bred to be hunters, as with the
terrier breeds, all snapping and biting, even in play,
should be discouraged.

There are three varieties of Dachshunds:
Smooth Dachshunds
Wire Haired Dachshunds
Long Haired Dachshunds

Nutrition and Feeding for a Dachshund
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Affectionately known as weiner dogs, the Dachshund.....
Wire-haired, smooth, or long-haired, miniature or
regular, these large dogs in a small dog's body are
one of my favorites. Obesity can make this little
"hot dog" look and feel anything but handsome.

Since back and knee problems often occur as they
age, biscuits should be discouraged even at a
young age.

Carrots and celery are excellent treats, and daily
antioxidants are also necessary.

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