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Cat's Resolutions

& my Angel

is going home

Peppy Pets
Dec. 22, 03

A Cat's Resolutions

-I resolve to stop clawing everything but the scratching post.
-I resolve to not play "Red light, Green light" at the door when
I want to go in/out.

-I resolve to stop nuzzling my mom/dad's lap while they are
eating, hoping to knock something out of their hand or mouth.

-I resolve to stop walking across the computer's keyboard
and deleting any information that doesn't involve me.

-I resolve to start using my kittie box instead of wherever
seems more convenient at the time.

-I resolve to stop leaving hair ball surprises in the middle
of the night where people can step in them.

-I resolve to wait until decent morning hours to chase my
companions when everyone else is awake."

Sent in by: Crystal Kohler

Editors note: after reading last week's issue which contained
the funny: A Dog's Pledge, Crystal wrote the above message
and sent it to us. It is an original work of art from Crystal.
Crystal is an avid cat lover and we thank her for her contribution!

Our pets are here on a loan for a very short time. Love them
and be happy and hold their memories in your heart.

Hi guys,

You all know I'm an animal lover. Here is a little piece I
wrote over 10 years ago. I hope you can feel what I felt
when I wrote this and how hard it was for me to write it. I
now have Gidget who just turned 13 and I know her time is
running short. I remember a thing my daughter said when she
had to put her German Shepherd Foxie to sleep;


When I was a little girl, I can remember my Mother telling
me: Spring is when life is born Summer is your youth Fall is
when you are growing old Winter brings us into our final
sleep Now, that I am older, I find this to be so true.

As I sit here typing, I think back to over thirteen years
ago when my Angel came into my life. Angel was born in May,
early Spring. She was a happy puppy. When she was only
three months old, I paid a visit to the people I bought
Angel from. They lived on a lake and to my surprise as we
where standing outside, my Angel took off into the water.
She jumped right in and swam like a champ. I thought
because of her being so young, she would drowned. She was a
natural born swimmer. Tinker, my Shepherd mix, was Angel's
foster mother.

As Angel's puppy hood turned into her youth, summer was upon
us. The months have been going by very fast. My Angel, her
sister Jennie (my girlfriend owned Jennie) and Tinker would
play games of chase around the house and if we had the hose
on, it made it more fun. Jennie loved to grab the hose and
run with it and getting all in the way, wet. Fun was fun,
but we had training to do. We joined MDTC (Milwaukee Dog
Training Club) and off to obedience class we would go.
There where the fun matches and the exhibitions and the
really big ones, the AKC shows. I don't think there where
too many times my Angel didn't come home with a qualifying
score. She sometimes came home with a second or third
place. She was always a great joy to train and to show. I
think she really enjoyed it to. Tinker was also in training
and I know she loved it.

Again the months are turning into years and Fall has taken
its toll on my Angel. She has a pancreas problem, which
without medication, she would starve to death. She spent a
week at the vet to determine what her problem was. When I
went to pick her up, she was so skinny, I cried. Shortly
after that and getting her up to 95 pounds, she had to go on
a diet. The medication worked.

Her legs started going bad and so I retired Angel from
training. She had her CD and I would not go into the
UTILITY class which consisted of jumping. I had two types
of surgery done on her legs. One, they cut the muscle and
the second was they cut some of the bone in the joint off
her leg. This eliminated the grinding of the two bones and
also the pain. This surgery helped to some degree. As the
months are slipping by, her legs and her memory are failing
her. Her pain in her legs and the stiffness is getting
worse and it's harder and harder for her to make it up and
down stairs to go outside. Her hearing is almost gone and
the sparkle of life has left her eyes. There is a pleading
in her eyes now that is trying to tell me something. Winter
is drawing close and I don't want to look into her eyes. I
know a decision has to be made. My Angel wants to go Home.

She has served me well as a beloved friend and companion.
She does nothing now but sleep and dream of the time when
she was young and ran through the fields, went swimming, and
had the freedom to play with the other dogs. She is wise
enough to know the time as come. Her pain and suffering
will soon be over. Mine will start. I will have my love
for her and the memories. They will always remain with me,
in my heart.

Good bye my Angel. I have made the decision to set you
free. My love goes with you on your final day, September
14th, 1990

All of us at Pet Care Tips want to extend a very warm
and thankful holiday greeting and wishes you to.

We thank you for being such a caring pet owner, and
a faithful reader of our newsletter. We wish for you,
your family, and your pets a most joyous, happy and
wonderful time this week as you celebrate the birth
of the Christ child.

May God bless your family in this coming new year.


I just wanted to comment on Rochelle's story about her cats
coming when their name was called -- it is so true! I have
3 different cats and each comes when their own name or their
own special "whistle" is used.

My 4 year old boy cat even likes to go on walks with me on
our acreage. He stays right with me, and will turn around
from what he is exploring and come home with me when I call.

I have never understood people that say you can't
communicate with cats -- I have decided that they are people
who have just never learned to pay attention and listen
because my cats boss me around and tell me exactly what they
want all the time.

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