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Devon Rex cats with

an unusual appearance

& high intelligence


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The Curly Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex is a breed of cat that was discovered in the
1960's in England. The first Devon Rex was discovered in
Buchfastleigh, Devon, UK in the 1960's in a litter of
kittens located near an unused tin mine. The breed is known
for their odd and striking appearance and their
companionable, playful nature.

Devon Rexes are medium size cats that are sometimes called
"alien cats" or "pixie cats" because of their unusual
appearance. They have very large ears that are slightly
rounded and set low on either side of their wide heads.
Their eyes are large and the nose is slightly upturned.

The whiskers are very short and often curled up, sometimes
to the extent that it looks like they don't have any
whiskers at all. They have a very lightly built body type
with long sturdy legs suited for the long leaps they like to
make. Their feet have unusually large toes.

Ordinarily, cats have three kinds of hair in their coats:
the guard hairs, awn hairs and down hairs. The Devon Rex is
unique in that it has very few guard hairs. Devon Rex coats
come in all colors.

When they were first discovered Devon Rex cats were thought
to be related to the Cornish Rex, because the Devon Rex does
look similar to the Cornish Rex in that it has an extremely
soft, curly, short coat. But test matings revealed that the
curl in the Devon Rex's fur is caused by a different gene
mutation than the Cornish or German Rex and crossbreeding of
these breeds results in cats without the curled fur.

The Devon Rex is an active, mischievous, playful and very
people-oriented cat. They have been described as a cross
between a cat, a dog and a monkey. Or even as a monkey in a
cat suit. They love to jump and are very good at doing so. A
Devon Rex will likely try to jump to any height and lie in
any space large enough for it. Because of this you can
literally find them anywhere, in the very top shelf of the
closet or on top of your kitchen cabinets. If you can't find
your Devon Rex, just look for the highest place in the room
and often it will be there.

Devon Rexes are easy to care for and often they will bond
with one person and devote themselves to them, often lying
on them and rubbing against them. These cats love to play
all their lives and will sometimes playfully nip. They also
are affectionate and like to be close to the head and neck
of their human companions. They like to ride around on
people's shoulders or nestled against the neck. "A Devon Rex
makes an excellent scarf."

The Devon Rex is a very intelligent breed and can even be
trained to walk on a leash. They have been taught to perform
all manner of tricks and even to fetch. To name a few other
tricks they have been taught, they can heel, jump and play
tag. If you live with a Devon Rex you will never lack for
entertainment or companionship.

Picture Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cats require a High Quality Professional Food
Dr. Jane Bicks

The Devon Rex is a slightly larger, fuzzier, longer 
haired but more delicate version of the Cornish Rex.

These cats have a high metabolism (their normal body
temperature is slightly above that of other breeds)
and huge appetites. Do not allow free feeding! As
energetic as the Rex is, it can easily overeat 
and become a blimp.

It needs premium cat food with quality protein and usable
fat for meeting its energy needs including keeping warm.

Learn more about this Premium Food for Devon Rex Cats

This breed is not meant for cold climates or cold
weather. I recommend a T-shirt on a Rex from October
to May. If he has problems with the cold, add
garlic to the diet every day.

The tail area has a tendency to become oily if the
diet is insufficient in usable fat, vitamin E, and
zinc. Shampoo wipes are handy to clean the tail once
in a while. Brush the coat with a soft brush, but
do it gently.

If you're not feeding your Rex an alternative premium cat food,
I would suggest adding a well rounded supplement
with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats.

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