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Understanding what

Grief in Pets

is really like

Do Pet's Grieve the loss of their Pet & Human Companions?

Do pets mourn the passing of their human friends? The answer is easy if you understand the message of this story. If pets could talk, this is what they would say...


Waiting for you
by Dr. T. J. Dunn, Jr.

Im waiting for you! Where did you go? Since that day when the whole family was upset and crying, and you weren't there for our evening
walk, Ive had an empty feeling inside me and all I want to do is find
you. Now all I have are memories because you just aren't where you
always used to be.

I remember how you and I would be the first ones up in the morning
we would take our walk before all the other people and cars would wake
up. You and me, the soft morning sunlight and a chorus of birds happily
announcing the arrival of another new day thats how every day would
start. Now I walk alone when the family lets me out.

Sometimes wed go one way, up the hill to the old cemetery under the
broad, outstretched arms of the big White Pine trees. Some days youd
pick the other way and down the road wed hike to Eddy Creek where I
could swim and look for frogs. I never knew which way you were going to
choose, you always made me guess and sometimes Id guess wrong and youd say, No. Were going this way today.

Those walks we took were our private times together. I got really
excited before our walks because you always let me be myself. You let
me run and follow the scent trails of other animals. You let me dig up
things that smelled good. You let me carry sticks in my mouth just
because it felt good. I think you knew how proud I was whenever I could
prance about with a useless old stick in my mouth. Sometimes Id drop
it at your feet and youd pretend you didnt know what to do with it.
Youd tease me and ask, Whats this for? What do you want me to do
with this ole stick? Id dance around and bark and crouch really low
and youd say, Oh, I see and youd send it flying through the air for
me to fetch.

You knew I especially liked it when youd throw a stick into Eddy Creek and Id have to do some fancy swimming to retrieve it before it
was carried off around the bend. I liked Eddy Creek, even when youd
tell me to lie down under the big willow tree for long naps while you
worked your newest homemade trout fly across the waters surface. I
liked those naps and you liked those smelly little trout wed take home
for supper. I liked waiting for you back then because I always knew
wed play again tomorrow. Where did you go? Im waiting for you!

Ever since that awful night so long ago when you didnt take me for
our evening walk through the yard, everything has been so different and
strange. Where did you go? The family lets me out the door now, early
like when you and I use to have our walks, but now all I do is walk by
myself up to the old cemetery. Ive given up visiting Eddy Creek in
the morning. Its too quiet there and I dont see the little trout
anymore. For a long time after you were gone I used to think I could
still see you there at the water's edge with your teeth showing, your
brown straw hat shading your eyes and your fly line looping over the
water. Id be so happy to see you Id jump up and run to you but youd
be gone when Id get to the creek. I think the birds have left too
because I dont hear their happy songs celebrating the misty mornings
like they used to when we were together.

The only place I feel like Im close to you, where I think I can still feel your hand on my head like I did when I sat next to your
reading chair, is when I sit near the stone with your name on it. Thats the only place I feel close to you now, where it feels like you
are close to me. But thats okay because I have lots to think about
while Im waiting for you.

Sometimes I think back to my first day with our family. I was happy
and afraid at the same time and very curious about my new surroundings
that were to be my home. Everyone was busy rubbing my ears and patting
my head, picking me up and clapping their hands to get my attention.
Finally, I found you, quietly sitting in your chair reading. It looked
safe there by your side, so I sat there, too. I felt your gentle hand
rub my cheek and all you said was a soft Good boy. Then you said to
the rest of the family, I think he just needs to rest now. From then
on I always felt safe next to you. You are my true friend. Maybe
thats why I spend every day here waiting for you.

I know youre here. I just dont know why we cant play anymore. Where did you go? Sometimes I hear myself whine and sigh because I miss
you so much I wonder if you hear me. I cant see you or hear you or
smell you, but you must be near because this is the only place I feel
safe. So Ill keep coming here to be with you, Ill sit by the rock
with your name on it and remember all the fun we had together. Deep
inside me I know we will have more walks to take again someday. Well
turn left at the road and hike down the hill to Eddy Creek. Youll
patiently tie on your newest trout fly and Ill be lying under the
willow tree watching you.

Until then, I promise you, with all the loyalty in my heart, Ill stay
right here so you can find me. I'll be next to the rock with your name
on it, waiting for you.


Do Pets go to Heaven?

We asked our readers if pets go to Heaven.

Over 95% who responded, said Yes!

If you have recently lost a precious friend of yours, we know how you must feel.

It is our firm belief that our loved pets do not "die", they merely change forms and go to a better place.

Yes, it is hard for us to live without them, but we must believe that God in all His infinite wisdom, decided it was time for them to come home.

We have a promise that un-conditional love does not ever pass away.

Pets are un-conditional love.

We also believe that pets come back to us as angels, to watch over us and protect us.

Only their physical bodies pass away, not their souls. The soul and the love that is imprinted in that soul, does indeed, live on forever.

May God bless you if you're recently experienced the passing of a loved one.

Please know they are being well taken care of until the day you re-unite.


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