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Dog Food causing

Mad Cow Disease

Mad Cow Disease and Life's Abundance Dog Food
Beef Free Dog Food!

Life's Abundance Dog Food does Not use Beef in their Dog Food

Regarding the current news surrounding “Mad Cow Disease” or BSE
(Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), HealthyPetNet is very proud
to emphasize that we do not use beef in our products.

Our policy is to provide pet owners with high quality, safe and effective
holistic products that will help pets live long and happy lives.

While we applaud the work that the USDA, AAFCO and other
government officials have done and continue to do in keeping BSE
from our cows, we do not feel comfortable our herds can remain
BSE free.

Actually, our product formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks, has followed
this issue closely for quite some time. Because of the
uncertainty of this dreaded disease appearing in the U.S., Dr.
Jane and HealthyPetNet made the decision Not to include beef in
our formulas.

Mad Cow Disease is not a threat for your dog if you choose to feed
your friend this Quality, beef free dog food.

You have our promise to only provide your precious canine friend
with the best quality nutrition we can.

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