Efficient Dog Clippers for Clipping your Dog's Hair

How to Clip your Dog's Hair

Clipping a dog's hair is usually more complicated than
you think when you first start out. One of the
important things to remember is that you need to choose
the right clipper for the job. Some professional dog
groomers have multiple clippers to use on just one dog!

If you intend to enter your dog into a pageant or
contest you may just want to go with a professional dog
groomer, that way you can be sure of the results. But
if you just want to give your dog a trim then trying it
yourself can save you some money and time. The number
one rule is to stay calm while cutting your dogs hair.
If you cut something wrong don't worry, it will grow
out. Don't scare your dog if you mess up.

Remember you can always shave it all off if you just
can't stand the mess up you made. Usually, the fancier
the dog's breed the more complicated the cut. And it is
a good idea to look up your dog breed and see if the
professionals have any tips on how to cut your dog's
hair properly. You can even go to a professional
groomer and have them show you how to cut the dog's fur
or hair.

Before you start to clip your dog's hair, first clean
and brush the dog so that there are no mats, tangles or
burrs. Hopefully you have already carefully thought out
your plan as to how you want to cut your dog's hair and
what you want the dog to look like when you are
finished. Some dogs have a very thick undercoat and
others dogs have a particular way that the breed is
supposed to be cut. Following these simple steps can
make the job easier for you and your dog and help speed
the process.

After you bathe and brush your dog you should then
prepare all the items that you will need for clipping
your dog's hair.

Suggested tools:

1. A pair of dog clippers that have been prepared,
tested and lubricated
2. Multiple clipper combs to cut different lengths
3. A dog brush and comb to help part the hair and pull
it up to get the right length
4. A water bottle to wet your dog's hair if needed
5. Blow-dryer
6. A collar and leash
7. A table
8. Plastic sheeting to catch the hair
9. Treats for your dog
10. A manual, video or book illustrating the type of
cut that you are trying to accomplish on your dog

There are many different resources to help you, such as
books, websites, teaching materials, and etcetera. You
can find a book on any breed of dog and a section if
not the whole book dedicated to cutting your particular
breed's hair. Most of these have pictures and
illustrations as well to help guide you through the
process. www.YouTube.com   also has many free videos
illustrating how to groom particular breeds of dog.

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