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Training a dog is a fairly difficult task. Some find it to be
very frustrating and simply send there dog or puppy to a
professional trainer. Now if you have a dog that is completely
wrecking or disrupting your life this may be a good idea. Before
you take a look at a professional dog trainer you may want to try
out some of these tips.

1. Make training fun for your dog. This means in order to get
your dog to listen to you you need to reward him when he does
things right. This means you need to praise your dog with treats
and hugs.

2. If your dog is just a puppy you need to have very good
patience. Puppies take longer getting used to the surrounding of
there new home.

3. Potty training can be difficult for puppies because they have
week bladders. The only way around this is to take him for walks
in the mourning and at night. If he goes to the bathroom out side
reward your puppy or dog.

4. You should never hit your dog. Its very important that you
don't use any form of physical contact. Dogs need to trust there
owners. If your dog doesn't trust you any more then you will find
it hard to get him to obey.

5. Be consistent with your demands. If one person in your home
lets him sleep on the bed then the rest will have to do the same.
You simply cant have one person praising your dog and the other
person screaming at it for the same thing.

These are all just some basic tips and advice for training your
dog. It does help to have a good understanding of a dogs
behavior, but it certainly isn't needed. The most important
thing you can do is to just love and praise your dog when it

Tyler Casselman runs the website Super Dog Trainer witch you can
visit at dog training You will be able to find lots of tips and
advice about dogs and dog training.

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