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Sometimes no matter how hard you try and how many resources
you use, dog training for a particular dog just does not go
the way you want it to go. In that event, the best bet is
probably to reach out to a professional to help you get on
the right track.

There are two types of professionals you can access when it
comes to dog training. The first is a traditional dog
training school and the second is an animal behaviorist. So
which one is right for you and your pooch?

The answer to that question depends on what you are trying
to accomplish. Is the unwanted behavior a natural
instinctive dog behavior, or is the behavior somewhat
unexplained and perplexing? For example, if your dog pulls
on the leash that is normal dog instinctive behavior;
however if your dog tries to bite you every time you feed
it, that is not normal dog behavior.

If you are trying to deal with normal dog behavior, your
best choice is probably a dog training school. If you are
faced with abnormal or unexplained behavior, you are
probably better off seeing an animal behaviorist.

The other difference between dog trainers and animal
behaviorists is training. A dog trainer has more of a
vocational training, they have apprentice with another dog
trainer or have gone to a trade or technical school to learn
how to train dogs. An animal behaviorist usually has a much
more advanced degree in animal psychology or zoology and has
a specialized education in the particular type of
animals with which they work.

So, you really need to understand the level of your problem
to decide which one of these experts is best for you and
your dog training goals. If the problem goes beyond regular
dog training, look for an animal behaviorist.

Whichever expert you decide is best to meet your dog
training needs, it is very important that you seek out help
if you think you are in over your head. Getting help from
experts can go a long way in dealing with unwanted dog
behaviors quickly and effectively.
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