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Why your Dog just won't Listen!

As much as we love our dogs, sometimes no matter what we say
or do it seems they just will not listen. During these times
being a dog owner can be very frustrating. The good news,
though, is that you can change that most of the time by
changing the way you communicate with your dog.

Most of your dog's actions and responses are based on
instinct. It may seem like he is just ignoring you or not
interested in what you have to say but in reality his
instincts are simply a too strong drive for him to ignore
right then. So to make him listen to you better you need to
change his habitual thoughts and consequent actions to the
instinctive stimuli.

Even though we think of our dogs as human and part of the
family, the truth is you really can't just tell your dog
what you want; you have to show it, repeatedly, until the
desired action becomes habit.

The best way to get your dog to listen is with positive

If you shout at your dog or just bark commands at him that
he has never been trained on you are going to find yourself
very frustrated. Proper training is essential to good dog
behavior and dog training is successful when you reward your
dog for good behavior and help him learn to want to do that

Once you start using positive reinforcements when your dog
is "caught" doing desired behavior rather than getting upset
about bad behavior, you will quickly see a difference in how
your dog listens to you. This type of conditioning is far
more effective.

In short, having reasonable expectations and understanding
how to manage your dog's behavior will go a long way toward
getting you the results you want. It will also make for a
much more stress-free relationship between you and your
favorite pooch.

So the next time you find yourself asking "Why won't my dog
listen to me?" just stop for a second and remember that it
is because you are probably telling instead of training.

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