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Electric Dog Fence - How it Works

If you live in a place where you either don't or can't have
a fence but you need a way to keep your dog safe in the
yard, an electric dog fence might be perfect for you. An
electric dog fence creates an invisible barrier between your
yard and the land outside your yard, and most dogs can be
trained to avoid the invisible boundary fairly easily.

One major benefit of an electric fence over a traditional
chain link or privacy fence is cost. An average fence will
cost $1200-$4000 to install. You can install an electric dog
fence for under $300 in most cases, and you should be able
to do it yourself.

A typical electric dog fence system will include a
transmitter, underground wiring and a lightweight receiver
for your pet's collar. The transmitter is often placed in a
garage as it needs to be in a completely dry location and
located next to an electrical outlet.

The next step is to bury the underground wire around the
perimeter of the area in which your dog will be allowed to
roam freely. The fence installation can usually allow for
things such as driveways or other areas under which you
cannot run the wire, the fence owner's guide will have
information on specific layouts and instructions for your

Once the transmitter and wire are set up all you have to do
is attach the receiver to your dog's collar. If the dog
tries to walk across the invisible fence it will get a small
shock from the collar that should make it back away from the

Most dogs figure out the boundaries pretty quickly and then
just don't attempt to step over them. Some people are
concerned about the idea of shocking their dog, but many of
the electric dog fence systems are endorsed by the Humane
Society and should prove no harm to your pet.

So if you want to let your dog roam the yard but do not want
him taking off or romping through your flower garden, an
electric dog fence will do the job. They are inexpensive,
easy to install and do their job effectively.

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