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The Gladiator - English

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English Bull Terrier - Intimidating, but still makes a Good Pet
By: Tippy & Alfred

At one time this breed was used as a gladiator dog in dog
fights. But now the English Bull Terrier is a gentle family
pet. The Bull Terrier is a dog with an intimidating
appearance that may in a critical situation defend its
owner. But the breed is no longer bred to be a guard dog.

The English Bull Terrier is an active, clownish, courageous,
fearless, fun-loving, loyal, obedient, polite, scrappy dog
that becomes very attached to its owners. The Bull Terrier
thrives on affection and consistent, firm leadership from
its owner.

In the eighteen hundreds when there were staged fights
between bulls and dogs some lovers of the "sport" decided to
create a breed that would attack with more agility. They
therefore crossed the English Bulldog with the Old English
Terrier and added some Spanish Pointer blood and made the
English Bull Terrier.

But the English Bull Terriers were not very good at fighting
in the end. In the middle of the eighteenth century the
"White Cavalier," which is the white-coated variety of the
English Bull Terrier, became a fashionable pet of gentry.
The breed has since been used as a guard, herder, ratter and

The English Bull Terrier is a muscular, thick-set, well-
proportioned dog. The most distinctive feature on an English
Bull Terrier is the head, which has an almost flat top and
slopes down evenly to the end of the nose with no stop. The
eyes are almond-shaped, closely set, dark and small.

The body is full and round. The shoulders are muscular and
robust. The tail is carried horizontally. The miniature
version of the breed was designed to have the same
characteristics as the standard, just in a smaller and more
manageable package.

The English Bull Terrier's coat is dense and short and comes
in colors of black, brindle, fawn, pure white, red and tri-color.

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