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The Very Sad story of

how Euthanized Pets

end up in Pet Foods

Do Euthanized Pets... really end up in Pet Food?

Sad, but true, our precious pets are being rendered for use in dog and cat food.

Below is a letter sent to us by a trusted friend and wife of an over the road trucker.


Hello Dave and Jan,
Tippy, Alfred, Sheba, Little Cats A, B and C,

Hello New Friends,

Thank you for your warm welcome. I hope to spend many years with you and all of our pet friends. In response to something you asked in your welcoming letter to me caught my eye and attention...

Yes, I do know what's in both dog and cat foods - I do not even have to look at your report to know.

Why? Because...

My husband is (hopefully 'was') an over-the-road truck driver, and I lived on his trucks for over 3 years.

When he worked for a company out of Fort Worth, TX., he had to make a lot of 'rendering' hauls - usually from Denver, Colorado to Sacramento, California.

Besides having to use public facilities all the time, not having a home to go to, and living a very shitty life, the rendering trips were the worst!

Not only did we have to haul the stinkiest loads carried on any amount of wheels, but I got sick every time we went anywhere near a rendering or pet food plant. So did our dog and cat!

They are the most disgusting places, bar none.

And I'm not just talking about the horrendously nauseating smells... I'm also talking about the animals we've seen waiting to be rendered into pet foods.

The usual animals like cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep, deer, roadkill and the like, and all of their parts, were somewhat easy to take, knowing that's what we know to be in most of the foods.

But.......... the unusual are also incorporated into the foods. What I personally saw at many places were: horses (which makes me sick far beyond grief and sorrow), coyotes, raccoons, rabbits, bobcats, squirrels, pronghorn antelope, one moose, birds of all kinds, even chipmunks, among other kinds of wild animals, but worst of all

--- DOGS AND CATS!!!!!!!

That's what made me the sickest... if they were killed on the roads, they were picked up and brought to these places for 'rendering and processing.' If they died or were put down at the vets and not given decent burials by their former owners, they were brought to these places, sent by the vet's offices --- in big bags and boxes --- many of them at a time!

I saw purebred dogs and cats in numbers that would stagger the imagination, right along with just as many 'mutts.'

It truly broke my heart, knowing that the owners hadn't known the final fates of their dead pets - or worse yet, not know just 'what / who' they might be feeding to their 'new pets.' It is called "by-products!"

It so sickened me that I wrote to The National Humane Society, President Clinton, senators, congressmen, statesmen, newspapers, radios, spread it all over the net/web, and to Bob Barker, host of 'The Price is Right' and advocator of spaying and neutering pets.

Shockingly enough, I received no responses or feedback from any of these sources.

A lot of people I spoke with while on the road just laughed and said they knew!!! Only a miniscule few were shocked and dismayed.

I was choked with astonishment, and fear of what we are allowing ourselves to accept!

Needless to say, I threatened my husband with divorce if he didn't stop making these hauls for the company he worked for then. He tried very hard to get out of it to no avail, so the next best thing I did was to get off the truck, out of the trucking life altogether, and find a house (our home now) to live in. I have not been in a semi truck on the road since Feb. 6, 2001, and don't ever intend to return under any circumstances. If I have no place to live, I will live in my car first! God's truth.

I am a copyrighted writer, author and award winning poet, a proofreader, editor and amateur publisher, if you would be interested in utilizing any or all of my skills and talents toward your publication(s) or articles in the future. I am professionally excellent in all of my skills, including and especially spelling and [the] proofreading.

I write children's stories about our pets, and other animals I've seen around the country, poetry, short stories, novels, and in many other areas of writing.

Our pets are: my purebred 1 year old Stag Red

Miniature Pinscher - Dream Dancer (Dancer), my 5 1/2 year old black / white (c - a - t) - Jesi, my husbands (our girl) 3 year old black / white Springer Spaniel / Chow mix - Easter Eve (Easter), our 1 year old black / white (with a bit of yellow on his wings) Canary - Yellow Wings (Wings), my gorgeous blue and turquois Betta - Big Guy (Guy), and many other assorted tropical and goldfish (most having names).

Each has their own unique story as to how they've come to join our little family... I love sharing my writings, if you would be interested in reading any of them sometime.

Well, I've taken up enough of your time, so I will again say Thank You for your warm welcome. I hope we will become good friends.

Take care and God Bless you all.

Love and Blessings,
Jinie Rose Workman
Spirit Dancer
Copyright 2003

Sad but true, some companies do grind up and use euthanized pets and other animals, including road kill, and farm and zoo animals that are pumped full of drugs and antibiotics.

No one takes the time to remove collars and in the case of flea collars, the chemicals end up in the pet food and in your pet's stomach and cells.

Any antibiotics or drugs in the animals system also may end up in your pet's cells.

We strongly condemn the pet food manufacturers who do these practices and absolutely refuse to use any of their products.

Our pets are far too important to us to purchase a food based solely on pricing. Cheap price on the bag usually means there are cheap ingredients, and cheap ingredients do not build quality cell structure and promote a healthy animal.

We only recommend one food because we know that Life's Abundance provides only the finest, high quality ingredients in their food.

We have seen the incredible differences in our pets after switching over to the Life's Daily System. Please take a few minutes and check this out for yourself.

We want your pet to live the longest and healthiest life possible.

We would also like for you to do some research on your own about this subject. We have a special link page that will provide you with lots of relevant links on this subject

Euthanized Pets in Pet Food Research Link Page

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