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Dental Care for Cats

Cat Tooth and Gum Care
Presented to you by: Alfred

Many cat owners may not be educated in cat care enough to
know that cats need to have their mouths taken care of much
the same way as their human's mouth needs to be cared for.

Cats don't usually get cavities, but they are subject to
every other mouth disease that people may run into. Plaque,
gingivitis and periodontal disease are just some of the
dental problems from which your cat may suffer.

You may notice when your cat gets a sniffle, but many cat
owners just don't pay attention to dental problems. It isn't
very surprising then that experts estimate that eighty-five
percent of adult pets have periodontal disease. Periodontal
disease in and of itself will not kill your cat, of course,
but it does cause a cat's immune system to drop, making the
cat more vulnerable to other diseases.

Cats that have mouth infections will often get a cold that
quickly turns into something more serious because their body
is weakened by the mouth infection. Dental disorders also
cause pain, eating problems, and a host of other health
problems for your cat.

Veterinary medicine has come so far that now there are
specialized fields. Some veterinarians go into practice as
veterinarian orthodontists. This is truly a great thing
because cats are having greater and greater problems with
their teeth in recent years.

Tooth and gum problems lead to infections that weaken the
immune system and let in a host of other diseases that cause
even greater problems. It is good that this condition is
gaining recognition and that people are beginning to
understand that cats need to have care taken for every part
of their body including their mouth, teeth and gums.

Tooth, mouth and gum problems can be averted by

1. Daily brushing of your cat's teeth

2. Not overfeeding your cat and never giving your cat

3. You can examine your cat's teeth and gums yourself to see
if there are any problems. With a good diet, daily teeth
cleaning, exercise and veterinary exams your cat may never
suffer tooth problems.

Don't wait until your cat has a problem with its mouth. Pain
when eating is usually the last symptom to appear when it
comes to tooth and gum diseases. Manage your cat's teeth and
you shouldn't ever need to worry about your cat suffering
unnecessary pain because of dental disease.


Cleaning a Cat's Teeth
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Place your cat on a counter or table, with his head away from you just as
you do for grooming.

Take a cat toothbrush or finger cot and put feline toothpaste on it.

Slowly lift up your cat's upper lip and rub the back teeth. Then do the other

If your cat rebels, that's to be expected; you will try again tomorrow.

Many cats love cooked corn on the cob. It's not fattening and helps clean
your cat's teeth and gums, although it's a bit messy.


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