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Learning about the

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Dog & Puppy Diets

Fiber for Puppies and Dogs
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Benefits of fiber for dogs or puppies include:

Provides necessary bulk to stimulate intestinal movement of digested
food, thus preventing constipation and promoting firm stool.

* Helps cleanse intestine walls of digested food residue.

* Fiber provides the intestinal cells with nutrients (short chain fatty acids)
essential for their health.

* Fiber helps regulate water, mineral, taurine, and sugar absorption
from the intestinal tract.

* Is used for various medical conditions depending upon its type.
Fiber is classified as soluble (fermentable) and insoluble (nonfermentable).
For control of diarrhea, both types can be used; soluble fibers reduce
water in the stool, while insoluble fibers can slow intestinal movement.
For constipation and obesity management, insoluble fiber is added to
food. Use soluble fibers for intestinal health.

Fiber requirements for Dogs

At least 1% moderately fermentable fiber is necessary for intestinal
health. Most maintenance pet foods contain 3 - 6% fiber, and
weight loss foods can contain as much as 17% fiber.

Chronic constipation can indicate a deficiency of fiber. High quantities of
fiber can decrease nutrient absorption and thus jeopardize general health.

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