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Here's what to know

when trying to Find

a Puppy Online


How to go about finding the Best and Cutest
Puppy to buy Online

A puppy for sale is irresistible, but one should exercise caution
when thinking about purchasing a puppy from an online web site.

Everyone loves a puppy. And ads for puppies abound: Maltese puppy
for sale, English bulldog for sale, Pomeranian puppy for sale…
And they all look so cute in the store! But the problem with
puppies for sale is that once purchased they start to grow! And
from the cute pit-bull puppy in the pet store you are burdened
with an adult dog that is as demanding a member of the family as
your partner or child.

Whenever you walk past a pet shop and encounter a puppy for sale,
walk on by and head on home. Consider the option, then get online
and do some research. There is a puppy dog just for you, but
first you need to consider your situation and match the
appropriate puppy breed with your needs and the puppies needs.

Be responsible and deliberate.

The vast majority of puppies for sale go to impulse buyers. It's
the cute factor. Puppies are utterly irresistible. But puppies
soon become long term and demanding family members. Dogs live, on
average, from about 12 to 16 years. Are you ready for this sort
of commitment? Also, depending on your chosen breed, each dog has
certain needs, for example, grooming, which must be met in order
for the dog to be comfortable and happy. Understand why you want
a pet. That way you can better choose the right one for you. They
say that a dog's personality mirrors its owner and it is true.
Research the personalities of different breeds to chose the right
one for you.

Research before you shop.

You've seen an adorable Shih Tzu puppy for sale in your local pet
store or advertised the local rag. But first, take the time to
read up on what kind of breed this is and if it will suit you,
your lifestyle, and your home. Each breed has its own special
attributes and personality. Some breeds are better suited for
apartment living, others should really have a large open yard to
run around in all day. What can you offer? Do you work long
hours? Dogs are such social animals that they really do suffer
from loneliness if they are alone. Other pets don't mind solitude
so much.

Forget the pet store. Visit Animal Rescue.

Because puppies for sale are often bought impulsively only to
have owners regret their purchase and give their puppy up, Animal
Shelters, the Humane Society and similar organizations are full
of puppies in need of a home. It's better to save one of these
than go and buy another one, which doesn't solve the problem.
These puppies are just as great as the ones in the stores. In
fact, they were probably once once of the many puppies for sale
in a pet store.

Dean Erickson. Journalist, and web site builder Dean Erickson
lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of

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