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Finnish Spitz

Breed of Dog

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Finnish Spitz - Great Hunters and Great Pets
By: Tippy

The Finnish Spitz is an alert, brave, friendly, lively and
playful dog. The Finnish Spitz is a renowned hunting dog but
also makes a great family companion to all ages, especially
older children and adults. They slowly mature and only reach
their full adult form at three and half to four years of

The Finnish Spitz originated in Central Russia in the Volga
River Area of what is now Finland by hunting tribes around
two thousand years ago. It is the national dog of Finland
and mentioned in several of their patriotic songs.

The breed is now especially popular throughout Scandinavian
countries. It was recognized by the American Kennel Club in
1987 and has grown in popularity in North America. The
Finnish Spitz is a wonderful bird dog hunter. It also makes
a good family pet and estate dog.

The Finnish Spitz is said to resemble a fox, with its
pointed muzzle, perked ears, and thick double coat of honey
to golden-red coloring. The lips and nose are black. The
eyes are almond-shaped and dark. The ears face forward and
are erect. The teeth should come together in a scissors

This breed has a level top line from withers to croup. They
have a deep chest that reaches down to the elbows. The feet
are cat-like and round. The tail is plumed and curls over
the back and down to the side. The dog's body is square-like
and they have a proud carriage.

The breed has a thick double coat that is medium in length
and erect. The color can be red-brown or yellowish-red. Some
small white markings are permissible. Puppies are born
darker and gain their reddish coloring later in life.

It is necessary that you have patience when obedience
training this breed. Like all of the Spitz-type breeds,
Finnish Spitz dogs are independent and can be stubborn. But
if well trained and socialized it will be a playful and
loving companion.

Finnish Spitz

A Good Dog Food for a Finnish Spitz is a Must
Dr. Bicks, D.V.M.

Known for his distinctive bark, the Finnish Spitz
is a husky looking dog that has such a full coat
that flea control without brewer's yeast and garlic

The protein components of the brewer's yeast will 
help maintain the healthy full coat if you feed this
dog a high quality food.

Top Quality Dog Food for the Finnish Spitz

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