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Toy Fox Terriers make Good Companions
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Toy Fox Terrier dog reaches a height of ten inches (25.4
centimeters) and weighs three and a half to seven pounds
(two to three kilograms). These measurements are based on
healthy averages for this dog breed. Toy Fox Terriers live
thirteen to fourteen years on average.

The Toy Fox Terrier is ideal for apartment life. They are
active indoors and do fine with a small yard. They can't
tolerate cold weather well however. In the winter they
should wear a sweater to help keep them warm.

The Toy Fox Terrier needs a daily walk to take care of its
physical and psychological needs. Although they like to play
and are active indoors it doesn't fulfill their primal need
to tour with their "pack" and mark their territory. Dogs
that do not take walks more often display psychological
problems and bad behaviors.

The Toy Fox Terrier is easy to groom, all they need is an
occasional brushing or combing to keep their coat smooth. Be
sure to keep their nails short by regularly cutting them.
This breed sheds lightly.

The Toy Fox Terrier is a fairly healthy dog breed. Some
individuals within the breed have been known to have issues
with leg calve perthes and stifle which are common toy dog
problems. Some individual dogs can be allergic to beet pulp,
corn and wheat.

Children should be taught how to properly handle this dog.
Otherwise issues can occur with the dog believing that is is
higher in the pack order than the child. This can become a
serious problem and the little dog can begin to bully your

It is important that you are a firm confident, consistent
leader of your dog in order to prevent your Toy Fox from
thinking it is the pack leader. Small Dog Syndrome occurs
when you treat your dog like a toy or as a person. It is
important that a dog knows its place so that behavioral
problems do not develop in the dog. This is true with all
breeds but especially so with the intelligent, brave,
independent terriers.

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