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German Pointer's

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Feeding the German Pointer Breed of Dog
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The German Pointer needs daily exercise
and a high quality food to maintain good shape.
Food can be left during the day, but it should
be portion controlled.

The Ultimate Nutrition for your German Pointer Dog

Antioxidants can be given as treats alternately
with spirulina, oat or barley grass, or an
antioxidant formula as recommended below

When he becomes too rambunctious, a natural calmer
such as valerian or honey will help.

Here's an Excellent Antioxidant
Treat with a Savory Taste your German Pointer will love

German Pointer Dog

German Pointers

The German Pointer is a cheerful, energetic, friendly,
loyal, protective, smart, willing dog that loves all family
members equally. They especially love the owner that is
handling the car key, gun, flying disk or leash. They are
very people-social dogs and will not be happy isolated from
their family.

The German Pointer needs to be sufficiently exercised twice
daily. They are very high energy and not allowing them
proper exercise can make them hyperactive and destructive.
If properly socialized, trained and exercised, they are
wonderful, agreeable family companions.

During the nineteenth century a dog with a good nose, that
would point within a distance reasonable for a man hunting
on foot, was required by German hunters. This dog would need
to be able to retrieve both feather and fur from land and
water and also be able to track well.

The German bred English Pointer, Foxhound, Hounds of St.
Hubert, Old Spanish Pointer and other hounds were bred
together to create the breed. The English Pointer blood made
the dog faster and more energetic. Today's German
Shorthaired Pointer is the result of successful German
breeding efforts.

The modern German Shorthaired Pointer is clean-cut, lean and
well-balanced. The head is well shaped and the muzzle is
long but never pointed. The muzzle should be the same length
as the skull. The German Pointer is a little smaller than
the Standard Pointer.

Unlike the English Pointer, the German Pointer doesn't have
an occipital bone that is conspicuous, neither is there a
pronounced stop. The eyes are almond-shaped and have an
intelligent and good humored expression. The nose is large
and brown. The ears are set high and lie close to the head
and broad. The teeth should come together in a scissors

The German Pointer has a dense, sleek, short coat that
should be solid liver color or liver and white patched, roan
or ticked. The only permitted colors in this breed are liver
and white. The skin should be tight to the body. The tail is
usually docked to a little more than half and the dog should
be able to sit on the tail. The feet are webbed and dewclaws
should be removed.

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