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Diet & Nutrition for

German Wire Haired


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The German Wire Haired Pointer needs Quality Food
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The German Wire-haired Pointer needs daily exercise
and a high quality food to maintain good shape.
Portioning it's dog food is a good idea.

The Ultimate Food for your German Wire Haired Pointer here

Antioxidants can be given as treats alternately
with spirulina, oat or barley grass, or an
antioxidant formula as recommended below

When he becomes too rambunctious, a natural calmer
such as valerian or honey will help.

Here's my Two Cents Worth for an Excellent Antioxidant Treat
for German Wire Haired Pointers

German Wire Haired Pointer

German Wire Haired Pointers

The German Wirehaired Pointer is an active, intelligent dog.
They are loyal to their family and eager to learn. They do
need an owner that is consistent with training. They like
working and being occupied by their owner.

They are aloof with strangers but friendly with with those
they know. This breed should be socialized well from an
early age to prevent shyness or over protectiveness. If
properly trained and socialized this dog will respond to the
needs of its hunter companions and makes an excellent
hunting companion.

The German Wirehaired Pointer has a coat that is coarse,
weather-resistant and wiry. The coat has a thick undercoat
and is about two inches in length. The wiry coat is water-
repellent and protects the dog from brambles.

The beard, forehead hair and whiskers all protect the face
of the dog from brush and prey. The color of the coat can be
liver and white, roan, spotted or ticked. Occasionally an
individual dog may be solid liver colored. The ears and head
should be brown, occasionally with a white blaze.

They eyes of the dog are dark and transparent. The ears are
pendent and hang limply down beside the head. The nose
should always be dark brown. The muzzle is long, robust and
wide with lips that are not pendant. The dog has a strong
scissors bite. The neck is slender and strong. The chest is
deep and wide. The tail is moderately docked.

The German Wirehaired Pointer breed was deliberately created
in Germany in the early twentieth century. There were many
careful crossings of breeds including the German Pointer to
get the German Wirehaired Pointer.

On the exact lineage sources differ, though the Bloodhound,
Foxhound, Poodle-Pointer mixes and Wirehaired Griffon have
all been cited as possible contributors to the breed.

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