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Are You Considering

Giving a Kitten

as a Gift?

Giving Kittens for Christmas Gifts
By: Tippy & Alfred

Christmas is a special time of year, and a lot of people
adopt pets during this time of year as a gift for someone
else. This can be a good thing and a bad thing and if the
outcome is bad it's the kitten that will suffer the most.

Kittens are adorable bundles of fur and love that many
people love to cuddle and play with. But not everyone shares
that opinion. If you intend to give a kitten to someone as a
gift be sure that they want a pet, and that they want a
kitten specifically. Also be sure that they want to dedicate
ten years of their lives to feeding, cleaning and caring for
the kitten that will soon be a cat.

A kitten or cat doesn't need as much attention and training
as a puppy or a dog, but they still require time and care.
Also you need to understand that when you give someone a
kitten the expense doesn't end there. The kitten will need
at least a water and food bowl, litter box, cat food,
litter, toys and a scratching post.

It is important that a gift like a kitten not be a surprise.
The person receiving the kitten should be fully aware that
they are getting a kitten. That way they can prepare for the
kitten and learn how to take care of it. This is especially
important if the person receiving the kitten is a young

If you intend to give a kitten to a loved one and they do
want one you can then make the experience a special time for
the two of you. You can spend time going to shelters or
breeders to choose just the right kitten. Go shopping
together for the kitten and read books about taking care of

Also once you give the gift of a pet you should then make
yourself responsible for the pet. If something happens and
the person either doesn't want the kitten or can no longer
care for the kitten you should then take the kitten and
raise it yourself. This prevents kittens and cats from
bouncing back and forth between homes and shelters because
of people being inconsistent.

A kitten is not a toy; it is an animal that requires special
care for a long time. This should be understood before you
go and buy a kitten as a gift. Be responsible and take
measures to be sure that the gift of an animal is well
received. Otherwise it will be the kitten that suffers.

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