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Gordon Setters

have a few Unique

Health Care Needs

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Caring for the Gordon Setter Breed of Dog
By: Tippy

Most dogs of the Gordon Setter breed enjoy excellent health.
They are a breed that is somewhat vulnerable to hip
dysplasia, eye disease, progressive retinal atrophy and

Certain individuals in this breed may have problems with
bloat. To prevent this potentially fatal problem in your
Gordon Setter be sure to feed this dog two or three small
meals a day rather than one large one.

The Gordon Setter isn't recommended for apartment living,
but indoors it is relatively inactive, especially if it gets
enough exercise outdoors. Gordons do best when they have a
large yard to play and run around in. Make sure that the
area is well fenced as the dog may try to escape and roam
the neighborhood.

All Gordon Setters need to be taken on a daily, brisk, long
walk, otherwise they can become difficult to manage and
restless. The "pack walk" is a canine social requirement and
makes the dog feel secure and happy. Make sure that your dog
obeys leash laws and properly heels to you. If you allow
your dog to roam ahead of you it may start becoming
disobedient. They do really enjoy running off the leash, but
be sure that the area is well secure before allowing the dog
off the leash. An interesting scent may draw it astray.

Regular brushing and combing of the flat, medium-length soft
coat is required to keep the coat in good condition. It is
important when grooming your Gorden Setter that you pay
attention to tangles and check for burrs. When the dog is
shedding it will need more attention paid to its coat.

Only bathe your Gordon Setter when necessary as baths dry
out the hair and skin on a dog. Trimming of the hair on the
bottom of its feet is required along with regular clipping
of its nails. This dog breed sheds averagely. If you give
your Gorden Setter proper coat care you will have a
beautiful and healthy-looking dog.

Your dog may try to dominate you if you do not provide
leadership. If the dog senses that you are unsure or meek it
may try to usurp your position. Puppies may seem
uncoordinated when young.

Gordon Setter Dog

How I would Feed my Gordon Setter
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The nutritional requirements and special needs of
the Gordon Setter are similar to those of the
other setters.

A fatty acid supplement may be required to keep 
his coat shiny and full.

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