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Fast as Superman, Greyhound's still need a Leader
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Greyhound is a dog that is susceptible to bloating. In
order to prevent this it is better to feed the dog two or
three small meals throughout the day rather than one large
one. They are also very sensitive to drugs including

These dogs have a very strong predator prey instinct and
will chase anything that runs. They are very fast and some
have no problem killing cats and other domestic animals.

Not all Greyhounds are this keen to chase, only about twenty
percent have an overwhelming instinct to catch and kill
small animals. Ten percent of the breed population have a
very low prey instinct and are fine in family settings.
Other individuals can be trained to leave small pets alone
and not chase them.

The racing lines may have trouble being housebroken since
they were not exposed to household living in puppyhood.
These adult dogs, however, are already crate trained, so it
isn't that hard to teach them that they need to go outside
rather than inside. Be sure to remain consistent and calm
about housebreaking. It is best to immediately take the dog
outside after letting it out of the crate and after eating.

The Greyhound does fine in an apartment setting if it is
given enough exercise. They are inactive indoors and do best
when they have a small yard to roam around in. Greyhounds
have trouble with cold temperatures so it is best for them
to wear a coat outside when it is chilly.

Greyhounds are dogs that need regular exercise, including a
brisk long daily walk. Be sure to use proper leash etiquette
with this dog or it can become willful. Never let this dog
off the leash as it likes to roam. Only allow this dog off
the leash in safe fenced areas where it can run around
without getting lost.

Greyhounds are sensitive to change and want a safe regular
schedule that they can depend on. They crave stability and
leadership. Be sure that you have the time to devote to a
Greyhound and give it the stability that it needs.

Greyhound Dogs

My Counsel on Helping the Greyhound
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Eager to please, not subject to boredom when the owner is away,
the Greyhound is a gentle giant can make the perfect pet.

It's coat and skin need little work except for
daily brushing and a well balanced diet with
good quality protein.

Brewers yeast treats can help ensure adequate protein
for strong muscle development and a healthy skin and coat.

Carrots, celery, and other vegetables are other
treats of choice to keep your greyhound fashionably trim.

Because of it's large size, bloat, cardiomyopathy, and
arthritis are the major diseases to look for and avoid.

The advantage of fresh meat, torula yeast, or wheat
germ is a heart saver, since they contain high quantities
of L-carnitine and taurine. Antioxidants are a must
for all greyhounds over 2 years of age to help
prevent or decrease pain and stiffness.

Preventing Bloat in Greyhounds

For help in Preventing Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia in Greyhounds

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